maggie’s photography notes // backyard snapshot tips! 🌳 {ratios, exposure, and grids}

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 🧑 i have more snapshots and photography tips for you today! 😍 i have SO much fun with these!

maggie’s photography notes //
backyard snapshot tips! 🌳

here’s a good example of ratios! ratio is how we refer to the dimensions of photos. when you get pics printed, they’re usually measured by inches, but photographer jargon sticks to ratios!

in the slideshow above, you’ll see 3:4 (portrait), 1:1 (square), and full. i could not find the actual ratio of the last one; it’s called ‘full’ because it uses the full view of the XR camera. πŸ˜‚ helpful, right? it’s somewhere beyond 9:16

i like how the 1:1 pic really highlights the circular shape of the flower, and the full/9:16 one gives a cool perspective of the scene! while the scene is very simple with an unbusy background, i think it turned out neat.

i tinkered around with the full ratio a bit more! i like how the entire background is out of focus, and the angle creates interesting depth.

i recommend playing around with ratios! you can do it while taking the photos (rookiecam allows you to change the ratio while shooting), or by cropping them once you’re done with the photoshoot.

this slideshow presents a combo of angle and ratio! i took the first 1:1 pic holding my phone at a casual angle. for the 9:16 one, i bent down and made my phone more upright. for the last photo, i took a full horizontal shot! i focused on the slight triangle the porch railing makes. doesn’t that last pic look like it could be a magazine spread? not the scene specifically, but the ratio and angle look professional!

i FINALLY took a pic of this flower that i like!! 😍 the pink-red shade of this rose made it challenging to take a nice picture of it.

i think it’s interesting that because the rose is a strong subject, it’s okay that the stem and background are completely at an angle! the image kind of becomes more quirky the longer you look at it haha, but if you admire it casually, it’s very pretty πŸ˜‚

i did a really cool angle demonstration with this palm! from the first photo (directly above the palm) to the last photo (at the palm’s base pointing up), you can see what a crazy impact angles have! some of the photos are focused on the plant, or the scene, or the natural beauty of the leaves.

i really like the interesting viewpoint of this shot! the background is quite busy, and there are some mismatched shadows hehe, but i still like it

this shot’s similar to the other rose shot, but its focal point is different! the first was on the entire flower, and this one focuses on the petals.

and this one!! it focuses on the texture and shape of the petals. have i mentioned photography is really cool haha

here’s a flower slideshow! the petals were so damp and a few were wilting, i’m not sure why haha. but anyway!

  • the first shot has an interesting angle! it turned out unconventional but i’m digging it
  • the second was using the ‘tan’ filter on rookiecam, and the subject is offset!
  • i like how the third focuses on the leaves and the flower! and the blurred background helps keep your attention on the foreground
  • the 4th and 5th photos have weak focal points, but i had fun playing around with the scene and shape of the bush!

EEEE this pic!! the flower is so cute, has an awesome shape, and the background identifies the scene and supports the subject.

i had fun standing under this tree and taking a bunch of pics of it, haha!

  • i love how the first photo has an intriguing backgound! the blue peeking through the trees supports the leaf in the foreground. and the leaves behind it have a golden hue
  • the filter i chose for the second shot dulled the colors and made them softer
  • the angle and filter of the third pic turned out cool! the focal point isn’t great, but i still like it
  • the fourth photo has a cool perspective! and i think it shares a filter with the second pic
  • i wanted to see if my camera could focus on the teeny fly that landed on the leaf i was photographing πŸ˜‚ it resulted in a very bokeh, almost muddied background! but i had fun with that shot

these images illustrate exposure! the first pic is focused on the sky (resulting in darker leaves), and the second is focused on the leaves (brighter tree and lighter sky). exposure refers to how much light is being allowed in the camera, based on the shot and where you focus the image. i like the sky in the first pic more, but the leaves look better in the second!

ahh these pics!! you can see auto-exposure vs. custom exposure. i wanted to see if i could focus on the leaves and the sky. the first pic only focused on the leaves, over-brightening the sky. but for the second pic, i tapped on the sky and then upped the exposure! it brought the leaves into focus, complimenting the sky 😍

i like the focal point of the first pic! the second is a good example of an unsupportive background: the flower behind the main one eliminates the focal point. and the last photo is a complete fail, haha! it was the beginning of me playing around trying to take a nice shot of the little honeybee. i’ll show more pics of the bee at the end of this post:D

ok, i really love these shots!! i know the subject is just a clover flower, but the depth and composition in both images make me so happy πŸ’š

here’s the happy little bee! i loved watching him buzz between flowers πŸ˜‚ i had to get my camera and hands incredibly close to him! but he payed me no mind and continued about his business. the only shot i think turned out really well is the last one in the slideshow, but the collection overall is pretty good ✨

thanks so much for reading! lmk what you’d like to see featured in this series next, whether that’s a photography technique, location, or type of photoshoot πŸ˜„

which pic/s were your fave?

6 thoughts on “maggie’s photography notes // backyard snapshot tips! 🌳 {ratios, exposure, and grids}”

  1. This post has the perfect timing. I was thinking about getting a bit into photography lately and i’m definitely going to refer to this post now! I’d love to learn more techniques. Great post maggie!❀

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