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if aesthetics were people ✨😂

wanna see what these aesthetics look like?
check out the corresponding collages
in this post!

“Good morning, ladies,” said a sleepy voice. Muted came around the corner, cradling matcha tea against her dusty rose bathrobe. She joined the others, who were all seated on the back porch of a mountain resort.

“I’m so glad you joined us,” Boho said with a warm smile. She pet her orange cat, who was relaxing in her lap. “We we’re wondering if you’d sleep forever.”

“Absolutely not,” Neon replied. Her long nails made clicking sounds as she texted her out-of-state boyfriend. “Hah! Trevor… you’ve done it again.” Her smile was aglow from the screen of her phone.

“What now, Neon?” Neutral asked. She raised a styled eyebrow, sipping her low-fat caramel latte.

“He booked a last minute flight out here so he can take me home.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful news,” Beach said joyfully, clapping her hands together with a grin. Her sun-streaked hair fell around her tank top, so long that it almost touched the guitar across her legs. “I know you weren’t the biggest fan of the music Boho and I were playing on the way here. What did you think of it, Dark Academia?”

The woman in question was slowly flipping through the pages of her ‘burn after writing’ journal, cringing softly at some of the previous art displays. She looked up now, her black eyeliner already stunning in the early morning light. She shrugged indifferently. “I mean…” Looking off into the distance, she noted the trees and knew they’d look wonderful in the rain. “It wasn’t my favorite, but I was coming up with new songs I’d write.”

“The whole way here? While listening to other music?” Boho questioned.

Dark Academia nodded.

“That’s wild.”

“You know what’s also.. ‘wild,’” Cottagecore said, with a shy smile: “did you know it’s hard to sew a quilt while going on a trip with your friends?”

“I could’ve told you that,” Neon said with a grin. She noticed the sewing basket, quilt-in-progress all around Cottagecore, and held back a laugh.

“We still haven’t solved the problem of modern education,” Light Academia reminded them. Her tea latte was slowly being stirred in her lap. “The influence of the classics and greats are much under-appreciated.”

“Well…” Nature began, her eyes fixed on the mountains beyond. You can guess by looking at her grin who had chosen their destination for this trip. “I wouldn’t say that. Yet. Have you taken philosophy? Or English yet? They try, Li.”

“Tell me a lie,” Neon snickered, using a play on words to quote One Direction.

“So,” Muted began. She slowly sat up and placed her half-drained cup on the coffee table. “Who’s going hiking with me later?”

“Not me,” said Neon. “It rained- drizzled- last night. I’m not getting my new boots muddy.”

“I’ll go,” Beach said with a radiant smile. “We’ll be out for a long time, yes? I love exploring.”

“I’m going,” Light Academia began, “but I might stay behind at times. I like to consider the mountains and think deeply.”

“I’ll… go,” Dark Academia began, sounding confused by her own logic, “but… yeah. I’ll go.”

“Once I finish these last few squares, I’ll come,” Cottagecore said cheerfully. “You’ll head out after breakfast, right?”

“I’ll go put on my sunscreen.” Beach jumped up and raced in the cabin, but not before handing her guitar to Boho.

As she began to play a gentle song, Boho said, “I’d like to go, but do you think my moccasins will hold up?”

Neutral thought about it, but came to no conclusion. “Where did you buy them? Real moccasins are built for walking, but, like, ones from Amazon…”

“Maybe not so much,” Neon finished.

Boho zoned out for a moment. “Yeah, I’ll wear my hiking boots,” and most of them laughed.

“You guys ready, then?” Nature sat forward and clapped her hands. “Of course, I’m going too. Couldn’t head out without the expert.”

“Doesn’t your expertise come from adventure novels, Nat?” Neon came at her with a challenging grin.

“Perhaps. But they’ve prepared me for more of the real world than a phone with mixed signals all over it.”

Neon’s jaw dropped slightly, and Nature cheerfully wished her good day.

The women slowly made their way inside, taking turns showering and casually making their breakfasts. The day was still young and they intended to make full use of it.

thank you SO much for reading, haha! sometimes my ideas are almost too creative for their own good 😂

wanna read another story like this? check out chemistry comedy! want to see more aesthetic personifications like this? suggest aesthetics and plots in the comments!

which aesthetic do you
relate to the most?

(nature’s such a vibe~ ✨
i’d get along with her and
beach really well!)

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