why words matter || guest post by kaley : words blog tour!

this guest post was written by kaley @ the little novelist! she’s starting a new author blog called words, and in this post she shares her perspective on why words matter. it’s powerful, moving, and inspiring! i hope you enjoy it- i sure did!

why words matter

You lean against the dark cold wall of the cave and take aim in your mind, plotting out the most direct path for the dagger (or daggers, depending) to sink into him. If done foolishly, you could alert him of your location. If done correctly, you win. You don’t have time to overthink this, either. Breathing deep, you select your dagger (or daggers) and throw. The dagger meant for his heart hits directly where it should, but not with enough force. The one aimed for his head misses entirely. He turns slowly, bleeding, and raises his own dagger. You close your eyes and crouch against the wall of the cave. You’re as good as dead. All because you didn’t know the right dagger, didn’t choose the right spot to aim for, or didn’t use enough force.

This scene is dramatic, but it illustrates a point I wish I had seen a long time ago and still need to see more clearly every day. Words matter. Words? Wasn’t I just telling you that you died because you can’t use a dagger? What’s that got to do with anything? you ask. It has everything to do with it because words are daggers. Just like in real daggers, one of the most dangerous places to aim our words is directly at their heart. Sure, hitting their head full of logic can also be dangerous or deadly, but nothing can cut so deep as a word threatening or exposing our heart. Words are powerful weapons, and they need to be used carefully. We need to learn our tone (how to use enough force), how to weave words (how to aim), and how to choose words themselves (how to choose daggers).

Scene after scene flashes through my mind, screaming the same thing both in positive and negative ways. A speaker speaking so passionately that audience members decide to support or follow him. A quote that speaks to millions, starting with a single repost or share. A girl sitting in a bathroom crying, staring at a two word text sent by another girl. A song repeated over and over through people’s minds, etching the lyrics into them. Everywhere you look, there are words.

If you close your eyes, you hear them. They are written, spoken, and sung. They shape who we are, what we believe, and what we know. They build businesses and destroy them. They start wars and end them. They communicate our discoveries so others can use them and help take them further. They help us understand people and things around us. They describe what we haven’t seen, what we haven’t experienced, what we haven’t felt, and what we haven’t heard. With so many words in the world, with so many reasons to use them, why don’t we care more about them? Why don’t we use them the best we can?

Words are the reason the world is falling apart, and words are the only thing that that can make us strong. God is the Living Word (John 1:1) and not only is He what makes us one and the whole purpose of living, but the words we say can build up and tear down. We know people just well enough to know where to hurt them with our words, but what if we listened to their words, a translation of their heart, and waited to speak words of help, words of encouragement, words of hope? You might think you know what encouraging words are because you see the quotes regularly but what if I told you that not only famous people can console and support your friends as they suffer?

What if I told you personal care, feeling known and having a bandage of words put on my heart by a friend is the most powerful thing to me? I eat up every word people say, and whether or not you really think about what they mean, you’re affected by what people say too. They say be an upstander, not a bystander. I say be an understander, not an understooder. Seek to help others and you may find help. Love others with your words and you may find encouragement.

Together, using words as the thread and passion, hope, and love as the needle, we can sew ourselves together. Yet every man waits for no apparent reason. What if you made the first stitch?

Kaley Kriesel is a 15-year-old Christian author from Oklahoma, USA, where she pursues Jesus and studies from her home. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and when she isn’t writing, learning, or socializing, you can most often find her playing ukulele or reading a book. She has two blogs, Words and Sketch Scribble Scribe. This tour is for Words.

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