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find your aesthetic! || part 1 ✨

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍 today’s post is a continuation of this post i wrote on creating your own aesthetic + this is the beginning of a new series!

find your aesthetic is a collage-focused series where i spotlight popular aesthetics! we can chat about our favorites, discover new ones, and more!

all the images in the collages are from pinterest. if, for some reason, one of the image owners finds these posts, i’ll be happy to give credit where it’s due 😂

it’s my hope that through this series, you find out which aesthetic/s match you the best, and gain apprecation for others’ faves!

please suggest other aesthetics in the comments! i’d love to make more of these collages and turn this into a 3- or 5-part series 🙌

let’s go! 😍

find your aesthetic!

ahh this one!! it’s very calming. it features ivory, beige, and dusty rose, among other soft, neutral shades.

is it my aesthetic? no, but i always admire those who love it and style things after it!

this one reminds me of harry potter! there are heavy shades of brown, such as caramel, chocolate, and charcoal. can you hear the piano music?

is it my aesthetic? definitely not, but i still like how many collages and dark academia outfitsl ook!

you can just hear the birds chirping when you look at cottagecore! it is such a vibe. 🍄 you’ll find soft pastels (pinks, yellows, and greens) surrounded by sunshine and natural beauty. think floral prints, quilts, and lace!

is it my aesthetic? sometimes my photography takes on cottagecore vibes! i love photographing nature.

this one encapsulates several aesthetics! ‘nature’ could also be mountain, hiking, waterfalls, outdoors, camping, among others. you’ll find greens and blues, sunrises and sunsets, flowers and creatures, and more 💚

is it my aesthetic? yes, a lot of the time! i wouldn’t go with the glowing, lime green i chose for the collage haha, but i love various shades of green in my photography. usually it’ll be more like mint, calm turquoise, and pistachio.

ooh this one!! the collage ended up being purple neon~ but this aesthetic can definitely be any color. it is vibrant, reminds me of hip-hop music, and is quite a hyper aesthetic!

is it my aesthetic? no, but i do love neon things sometimes, and i always love it when someone else’s aesthetic is neon! they end up having cool clothes, cool cars, and more!

the beach!! definitely one of the most cheerful/calming ones imo 😍 depending on which shade of blue you choose (turquoise, periwinkle, sky blue, slate gray, etc), it can either be a lively aesthetic or a chill one.

is it my aesthetic? sometimes! i love looking at the ocean and many beach scenes, but i don’t often decorate or design my life with beach vibes.

ohmigush! hehe this one’s so pretty 😍 i can hear the indie music, see the warm glow of the himalayan salt crystal lamp, and smell a nice citrius-y candle lit somewhere nearby!

is it my aesthetic? almost! haha it seriously love it and i think i always will!

neutral!! it’s a beautiful world of tan, brown, and silver. there’s beige and grey in there, as well.

is it my aesthetic? i love color too much to have this aesthetic hehe, but it’s one of my favorites to look at! the wonderful shades of tan are so calming, i could look at them forever

this one’s a less-popular (or maybe just less known) aesthetic that i’d love to see catch on! you’ll find olive, dusty rose, and slate gray dominating this aesthetic. everything is much calmer and laid back here. 😌

thanks SO much for reading! i had a blast finding all these pics and chatting about them.

let me know which aesthetics you’d like to see featured next, AND~ keep an eye out for the post coming out this wednesday! it goes along with this post and you’re gonna love it 🤩🙌

which aesthetic/s
are your fave?

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