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how to create your aesthetic! πŸ’•βœ¨

hey guys! welcome back.πŸ’™ i’m so excited about this post!! i got the idea from sateja’s 100+ blog post ideas list! i love browsing those ideas and seeing what stands out! i really recommend looking at them if you need some inspo or a bit of motivation.

i’m gonna talk about making your aesthetic today! 😍

for about a year now, i’ve been creating my aesthetic. an aesthetic in my opinion is your personal style: how you dress, decorate, and create!

i’ve seen other people for years who have an aesthetic, and i kind of thought they were born with it? but it’s literally possible for anyone to create their own!

i had no idea i had an aesthetic until i made it! and the same can be possible for you 😍

i hope you enjoy this post!

how to make
your aesthetic! πŸ’•βœ¨

1. Find your inspiration! //

when i bought this blanket last year, i knew it was the perfect piece to inspire redecorating my bedroom! i had no idea at that point that it would help me to create my overall aesthetic, but it was a great starting point 🀩

your inspiration could be your favorite music album, a stuffed animal, a couple of shirts, a photoshoot you did, or an art piece you saw or created!

2. Choose your favorite color + complimentaries //

various shades of pink are mine, and i also love pastel blues!

here are two perfect examples:

having complimentary colors is SUPER important! because i wouldn’t recommend like only wearing orange shirts, eating orange food, etc πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

while i do frequently decorate with pink, and even buy pink drinks, i also wear pastels a lot, eat food that’s not my aestheic at all haha, and frequently photograph scenes that i like but don’t have pastels!

an aesthetic should, imo, encompass your favorite things without only being who you are.

that would be expensive, get obsessive, and i think sometimes people get lost in their aesthetics. it should help to make your personality shine, not become something you accidentally hide behind.

so i’d definitely recommend creating + finding YOUR aesethetic, while developing a happy appreciation for others’!

pics from pinterest

for example, i’ve really enjoyed this orange aesthetic for a long time! however, it’s definitely not mine. i also love it when someone has a neon aesthetic, because it often helps their strong personality shine.

there are lots of aesthetics, from colors to hues to combinations and themes! which leads me ot my next point:

3. Choose your themes! //

i hadn’t thought about it until now, but my themes are:

  • pastel
  • cute
  • organizational

those are how i tend to decorate, dress, photograph, and create!

i have so much fun with my aesthetic! i hope that you love yours as well, and if you haven’t found/created it yet, that you do soon 😍

here are some theme ideas!

  • relaxing
  • nature
  • ocean
  • forest
  • mountains
  • geometric
  • rose gold
  • animal print
  • neutrals
  • cozy
  • dressy
  • desert
  • boho
  • golden
  • tropical

aesthetic tips! //

  • for your blog:
    • find your favorite fonts! my faves are ‘Brusher-Regular’ and ‘ChunkFive’!
    • create a featured image/post graphics style. work on canva and your other favorite editing apps until you create graphics that reflect your personality!
    • choose a color palette. it could be a unique pairing of two colors, your signature shade, or a certain hue that’s uniquely yours!
  • for your hobbies:
    • find leisure hobbies. it could be watching movies, a certain genre of music, gaming, or doodling! anything you just have fun doing counts:)
    • find creative hobbies. these can be the same as leisure hobbies! the diference is that through these hobbies, you’re able to express yourself creatively. you could paint, write, sing, dance, play an instrument, take pictures, or blog.
    • don’t be afraid to make them your own! in fact when you have a unique take on a certain hobby, that helps your personality stand out! even if it’s not something most people are interested in, have fun loving what makes you happy πŸ’–
  • more tips:
    • find your mood. i like for the music i listen to (and movies i watch) to have the vibe i’m going for. that might be different vibes on different days, which is totally fine! it’s just finding that self-expression:D
    • have fun with the process! it can be discouraging and boring at times, but you will find it!

thanks so much for reading! let me know if you have any requests for this type of post, and i could make it a series! πŸ’•

ooh what if i did a post with aesthetic collages? 😍

which aesthetic/s
are your fave?

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