the grinning cowboy ~ the saloon 🤎

“You really think you can mosey on in here with a grin like that?” Treating the cowboy to a grin of his own, Colin continued shining a glass that many a traveler had peered somberly into.

Shifting his belt ever so slightly, Chad straddled the stool and leaned back comfortably. “You know it, partner.” His hat ended up on the counter, nearly flicking the glass out of Colin’s experienced hands.

There was noise, laughter, grumbling, sweating, a bit of dancing, hollering, and admonishing: all the regular, inviting sounds of a bar. There was spilled liquor, blood stains, mysterious food spills along the wood, more worn in places than others. But it was the bar herself that was a sight to see, all polished to a T in a room that otherwise wandered in darkness, the work of Colin’s own hand, who came from a land that didn’t know any better. Chad watched, almost curiously, as the man himself straightened some bottles that really didn’t need tending to, discarded of a cloth that could have had a lot more use, brushed off his shirt that didn’t have a thing on it. He was the perfect man for the job.

hi! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! this is the third time chad has appeared on my blog- you can check out the first story here and the sequel ‘under the stars’ here!

i realized how much i love writing westerns! i can feel so much potential for fantastic stories, a combination of comedy, western, adventure, and a bit of romance. i love describing the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells one encounters in the wild west. i’d love to incorporate these short stories about chad into a full-length novel! so we’ll have to see 😍

did you like this story?
(i love the cliffhanger eee!)

6 thoughts on “the grinning cowboy ~ the saloon 🤎”

  1. This was so good! I felt like I was there because you described the setting so well. Definitely going to check out part 1 and then 2 (I was reading it wondering if it was the first part and thinking it could easily be and then I saw u mention them and was like ahh more ✨🤣). Anyway, loved it! Don’t think I’ve read a western before 💫

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    1. Thank you soooo much!! 😍 That means a lot! I had so much fun describing the scene. Yas! they can be read out of order since they’re standalone short stories at this point. I’d love to weave them into a novel!

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