5 ways i deal with anxious thoughts

hi! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 i’ve been dealing with anxiety for around 12 years ✨ so i have LOTS of tricks up my sleeve for coping! i’m gonna share some tips with you today in this short but sweet post:)

1. i question them. so often they’re big statements like “i’m scared” or “i can’t do this” or “i feel bad,” which contributes to me being overwhelmed or fearful. so i dig into those questions and see what i can discover about the thoughts instead of letting them tell me how to feel and act.

2. i remember truth from the past. i have shopping anxiety because i don’t want to waste money. to handle this when making buying decisions today, i’ll remember successful purchases (and ones that weren’t) from the past. it helps me to figure out the likelihood of me wanting and using the item i’m considering in the short- or long-term.

3. i don’t listen to them. this one takes time + effort! by learning about intrusive thoughts, i’ve learned how to spot catastrophic thoughts, anxiety-filled worries, etc. i’ll focus on times i overcame struggle in the past and work on not caring about what other people think; accepting that i’m doing the best i can – whatever it is that my mind’s doubting. i’ve succeeded before and i will again!

4. i work around & with them. if i’m feeling overwhelmed, i don’t just go well i might feel like i can’t do this, but i’m going to anyway. in trying to stay motivated, i burn myself out. so part of coping with anxiety flare-ups is learning what your limits are, and what you can overcome! because not all anxiety is created equal. i had anxiety about calling out at work a few months ago, which was a good thing because now i stay on top of getting shifts covered. i’ll have anxiety if i eat too much sugar, which helps me to evaluate my diet the next week. so learn about your anxiety and if you do need to be listening to it.

5. i set attainable goals. working toward my dreams in a comfortable way helps me make progress! if i reach too high, and i haven’t identified enough daily steps, i get sad and worried that i’m wasting today. which i’m not, but having goals to consistently reach helps me stay confidently on track.

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed this today 💕

did you find these tips helpful?
what inspirational post would
you like for me to
write next?

4 thoughts on “5 ways i deal with anxious thoughts”

  1. I agree! Sometimes it’s good but mostly it’s the devil’s way of getting to us. We also can pray for God to take away the anxieties.
    Great post Maggie!! Your points were awesome!

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    1. yup absolutely right! that’s helped me a lot over the years- a lot of times it’s remembering His great love and peace that‘s the only thing that gets me through 💖

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