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behind-the-scenes of maggie’s doodles: how i make my featured images! {2022 edition}

hi! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍 on my feedback form, heidi requested that i write about how i make my featured images! so i’m gonna share that today!

heidi has a lovely blog that i always enjoy reading! definitely check it out if you haven’t already(: (and if you have, do it again! she’s awesome! πŸ’™)

if you wanna take my blog survey and request some posts too, you can click here! 🌸

i did a post like this forever ago, back when my style was different, haha! you can read it here. (be prepared for some awkwardness hehe)

actually… *goes and reads my own old post* i do everything exactly the same except for step 4. i take a shortcut 😎

let’s goooo!

how i make my
featured images!
{2022 edition}

background //

~ collage with my photos or a photo from pixabay/photogrid

the more i’ve made featured images, the less time i put into perfecting the backgrounds! all you’ll be able to see from these images are the borders with an overlay. so if they look kinda strange by themselves, that’s ok because they’ll look awesome around the edges: D haha!

text //

~ white 1:1 background from superimpose, text from rookiecam, stickers

okay that collage looks kinda cool! (except the top right one is kinda pixel-y)

making these text images is relaxing and therapeutic. i’ll brainstorm the post’s vibe and how i can help that come across in the featured image. using my favorite fonts, lining them up in a pleasing way, and adding stickers is so fun!

for series’ images, i save an image with the main text so i can add titles/details to future posts! i did that with the first two images in the collage above. i added the dates later on a separate pic.

overlay //

~ alter color of background image before putting text foreground on superimpose

i LOVE this part! figuring out which color (or two 😏) will go well with the collage or stock photo is fun. sometimes it’ll help me figure out i chose the wrong photos if the color i want to use doesn’t match, which might set me back a step, but it’s worth changing around so i’ll love the finished project!

shadow //

~ changes the color of text!

this is why the second step always contains black text! i get to colorize it here:D

over time, i’ve learned which colors come across clearly once i upload them to my laptop. some pastels look awesome on my phone, but then look a bit dull on my laptop. so you have to experiment a bit!

details //

~ emojis, borders, color alteration

if the featured image is lacking a little something by the end, i’ll take it back to rookiecam for finishing touches! i always have to add any emojis at this step because if i include them on the first text photo, they become strangely transparent haha.

after this step, they’re done! πŸ₯³

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed this tutorial today 😍

what should i make
a tutorial for next?

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