snapshots from my week | sammy, caramel iced coffees, and cloudberry sunjoys

hiya! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’• this is the 29th snapshots post, my friends! this series is EPIC, iconic, awesome, and fun 😍

aww sammy’s holding my hand! (well… i’m holding his flipper haha)

sammy’s friends with maria! in fact, i think he’s friends with everyone he knows. such a friendly little guy:D

one of my all-time favorite drinks: caramel iced coffee from dunkin with cream and sugar! super simple order, with an EPIC taste!

another epic drink! our cloudberry sunjoy? pog. i’m the only one that likes it so far tho haha..

it’s a beautiful day here at chick-fil-a!! πŸ˜πŸ’™

look! we had street tacos! squeezing fresh lime juice onto them was EPIC- i loved it! (and i tried radish for the first time! that was interesting~)

chicken caesar salad? yes please!

and lookie, a friendly goosie

i loved when he peeked over the wee dike:D (am i speaking english anymore) (and you can see the swallows in the sky! their tail feathers are iconic)

i can’t believe it’s may! can you?? many of the days in april flew by..

look! elizabeth had the idea to make a squishmallow school, with violet as their teacher :’ D it was so fun and CUTE!

thanks so much for reading! hope you enjoyed this post!

which pic/s were your fave?
what did you do last week?

9 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | sammy, caramel iced coffees, and cloudberry sunjoys”

    1. tis a devilish goose at times, of that i am sure. moreover, i am positively certain this demon chicken you speak of is, in fact, a goose.
      their bills be SNAPPIN 😀

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