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blog community announcements 🌟 || may 2022

hi guys! welcome back to my blog πŸ’œ i’m continuing this helpful series today!! 😍

from contests to q&as, competitions to new blogs, i love spreading the word about awesome happenings in the blog world!

please comment anything from your blog you’d like for me to add*, or exciting stuff you’ve noticed on others’ blogs! i’ll be updating this post through may 15th. oh and make sure to share any deadlines i need to know about! (i.e. contest submissions accepted through may 5th, etc)

*as long as your post/s fit the announcement categories previously mentioned, i’ll add it!

also this post looks way nicer on my blog than it does in the reader, haha. click here to read it on my blog!

blog community announcements 🌟
may 2022

We Dare You
To Blog 2022!!

about: a blogging
competition where
contestants complete
fun dares!
deadline: may 3rd

rebekah’s springtime
photography contest!

about: submit a
photo you took that
reminds you of spring!
deadline: may 20th

is hosting an
author q&a!

deadline: submit questions
by may 20th

diamond’s Camp Happy
Heart 2022 announcement!

about: a summer camp-style
event with fun
duration: monday thru
friday, june and july

arwa, divi,
and ib popped on
to say hi!!
The Corner Shop
the name is divi
it’s IB!!

heidi made
kindness cards!

about: a really cool
community kindness
project πŸ’•

anjali and sateja
joined the jolly space’s

see: roshni’s post here

a new collab blog
(earthy diaries)
was launched!

see: announcement
post here

thanks sooo much for reading! 🀩 i’ll be happy to add any other exciting happenings, as well as y’all’s info on guest post/collab opportunities!

are you excited about these
blog events?
do you know of any other
awesome blog happenings?

28 thoughts on “blog community announcements 🌟 || may 2022”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my contest! I always love reading these posts to find out about all of the things going on, in case I accidentally miss something someone posted!

    Liked by 1 person

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