productivity guilt: 3 tips for when you can’t be productive 24/7

hiya guys! welcome back 💞 this topic was requested by sateja @ mewrites! i really love her blog: it’s inspirational, fun, and very creative! i 100% recommend visiting her and saying hi!

so she asked me to tackle the topic of productivity guilt!

productivity guilt: 3 tips
for when you can’t be productive 24/7

productivity. what is it?

it springs from the desire to utilize every waking moment.

to make awesome progress, to reach our goals, to be happy.

it’s epic to want to get all those things done!

however, when we want to do more than we can, it becomes toxic.

loving productivity and accomplishing things isn’t wrong; it’s the degree in which we want to do productive things that determines this.

here are some tips from my life! how do i confront these feelings and stay encouraged + motivated?

1. i’ll make lists of things i want to accomplish
when i’m able to //

it sounds weird, but it’s helpful and therapeutic to simply think about all the things i want to do!

so let’s say i’ve been sick, or busy with work, or a situation came up – something was hindering me from feeling productive. by making a list of the things i both need and want to do, i can wrap my head around a time frame when i’ll be able to do those things.

rescheduling productive things in my mind helps me stop feeling bad about not having done them yet! by seeing why i couldn’t do them, and giving myself some time/s in the near future to plan to do them, it helps.

2. i remember that taking care of
myself is a huge goal too! //

when i make my mental & emotional health a priority, it helps me to relax about my goals! because it’s counter intuitive to want to get things done SO bad that i send myself into sadness and fear.

by the way guys, don’t look up productive quotes on google. i was gonna share some in this post to inspire you, but they’re literally all toxic haha (‘do something instead of killing time because time is killing you‘…WHAT??)

anyway, it’s important to see taking care of yourself as being productive! i’m not saying take spa days all the time, or don’t do your goals because you feel good binge-watching your favorite shows. there’s simply a time to relax, and a time to work! and you can’t go go go all the time. well, i can’t. and i’m gonna guess that’s the same for you, haha

i certainly haven’t mastered this tip of mine, by the way. almost any time i have a dip in productivity (usually not getting around to things fast enough, or a bunch of to-do’s piled up), i have to not let my self worth dip with it.

you are not awesome because you’re reaching you’re goals. you’re awesome and you’re reaching goals!

take care of your awesome self!

3. i’ll see if my goals are still things
i want to do

there might be another reason why i haven’t done some productive stuff yet: i’m no longer interested!

for this one, i’m talking about personal goals. it can also apply to larger situations like your college major, your social circle, where you work, who you marry, etc, but that will take more time and consideration to evaluate.

i’ve written a post before about evaluating goals, which you can check out here!

bonus tip: choose who you surround yourself with! this includes people irl, as well as youtubers and other online personalities. if you watch productive videos or read productive articles, it can make you feel better or worse. so just be careful about that!

thanks so much for reading! i hope something in today’s post stood out and helped you today 😍

how do you get
over productivity guilt?

14 thoughts on “productivity guilt: 3 tips for when you can’t be productive 24/7”

  1. Love this post! I usually get my work done quickly when I have bursts of productivity, but otherwise, I suck at it. Making a list really helps you to get out of your slump and get to work! Love your advice Maggie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks divi! yeah same, it takes a special kind of dedication to consistently get work done instead of just during productive spurts 😂 i totally get it!
      aw thanks so much!


  2. this was a great, informative post! usually I start the month off super productive😅, and then I take the last 3 days of the month to reset and finish up as much work as I can as well as planning for the new month. when I get demotivated I usually watch some YouTube videos with like the “productive” vibes, to inspire me! altho some days I just take a break:) 💖 I love how you talked about the productivity quotes on Google. like what?-

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an awesome post Maggie🌈.
    😂😂time is killing you? What the heck? How is that supposed to be motivational🤦‍♀️.
    Ooo I love that awesome quote. Now that’s motivational🌼. I feel like number 3 stood out the most for me. Cause sometimes I’m working towards something because it was a goal and when I actually stop to think about whether I still need to do it, I realize that I don’t 🤷‍♀️. Thanks for the tips Maggie🙏🏼✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks sabrina!
      yeah 🫢 i hadn’t considered reverse inspirational quotes to be an option!
      hehe yay!
      yes 💞 i’ll be like why am i losing steam?? then i look at my goals and i’m like OH that’s why 😂 you’re welcome!


  4. i love this post, rn im having a bit of trouble being productive (well bc im on vacation, maybe thats why) but i usually get the work done and i make a list of the goals i want to achieve as well! my mom thinks its very useful too ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awwww. Yes, Maggie, this post did help me out. Although I hadn’t read it yet, the tittle really stuck to me some days ago when I was hurriedly scrolling through the Reader.

    I was kinda blaming myself recently for not doing more. But then I remembered this post’s title.

    And now I’ve read it.

    Keep up with your awesome Tips and Inspirational posts, Maggie. I love them most of all!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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