what’s on my mind? ✩ april 28th, 2022

hi! welcome back to my blog 💕

i have a brief post for you today! 😍 i’m sharing what’s on my mind with you. it’s been a while since i did one of these, so let’s go!

there are 5 days left to sign up for We Dare You To Blog 2022! i’m SO excited and i hope you are too! click here to read the announcement post and/or sign up. we have 14 participants so far!!!

i’m really excited about the podcast episode coming out this friday! did you know i share weekly podcast episodes on ‘maggie’s doodlecast‘? it’s so much fun!

i made today’s featured image background on piclab. i took a pastel pink background and then doodled on it with a white brush, haha! it was fun and i love how it turned out!

i have 34 minutes to write this before it goes live.

i have to leave for work in about an hour. gotta goooooo haha!

i already have pics ready for my next snapshots post! a lot of weeks i’ll take more pics on the weekend, or when i remember to take photos, but i’m already ready (haha) with some early- and mid-week pics!

i feel like there was something else i wanted to say…

i woke up with a song in my head, so i turned it on when i started working on this post. it was an interesting experience since i haven’t been awake long enough yet haha

lastly, i can’t wait for the upcoming posts i’m gonna share with you guys! i hope you’re excited too! 😍

bye! love y’all!

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