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maggie’s photography notes // nature snapshot tips! 🌿 {colors, lighting, and textures}

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’š i’m SO excited about today’s post! 😍 i’m sharing photography tips! whoohoo!

for each pic, i’m gonna highlight the purpose behind each pic and/or which photography elements i’m gonna teach you about with them! i’ll introduce you to tech terms, give beginner and advanced tips, and so much more.

so buckle up, get your camera ready, and let’s go!

maggie’s photography notes //
nature snapshot tips! 🌿

in this pic, we have: an overexposed background! ‘overexposed’ means too much light was coming in the camera lens. to avoid this on your iphone, tap somewhere else for the camera to focus so you don’t get over-bright pics like this.

it doesn’t look horrendous, but the pic had more potential if i had made the cam focus lower.

this pic also has a low focal point! elizabeth and the back of the car are the “focus,” but the angle and busy background subtract from that. the general composition (layout) of the photo doesn’t allow you to happily focus your eyes anywhere πŸ˜‚

tip: bring the camera down some and focus on the foreground (subjects closest to the camera) since the background was too sunny!

ooh this one!! we have an awesome subject. it’s super easy to tell where we’re supposed to look in this photo! the direct sunlight actually worked out really well (i took the pic at 2 in the afternoon), while in the previous picture, too much sun did not.

we also have effective use of shading! the thick shadows behind the white rose accent the texture of the leaves, shape of the petals, and provide a sense of depth. AWESOME.

tip: when taking flower pics, take a few up close and a few farther away! when you’re editing them later, you can rotate the images and/or crop them when you can more easily see the images. (i have a hard time checking pics while on location haha, since the sun’s so bright!)

in this one, there’s a weak focal point! we know what the subject is (the rose bush), but where do we look? at like five or six flowers before noticing the shading and the overall odd layout of the image.

the direct sun and thick shadows in this one just didn’t work out for this shot. it’s crazy how the subject and focal point change everything!

tip: use photos like this in collages! collages are awesome. they give pics that have less photographic value (but still present a subject at different angles) a chance to shine!

in this pic, we have some over-shading! afternoon photography is really hit-or-miss on a sunny day. you either get things too sunshine-y, or photos like this: shadows that subtract from the subject. it’s crazy how the sunniest part of the pic are the waters behind the goose, haha!

tip: when the sun and shadows aren’t working in your favor, try out a different angle! for the pic above, i could have tried squatting down and taking the pic again, or stepped over to the left.

ooh i love this one! the focus is texture. the main thing you look at are the edges of the leaves! the filtered sunlight behind the boughs accent the greenery, and the trunk and branches in the background provide interesting angles. while the subject is weaker because of how busy the background is, the focus on texture and shape helps center your viewpoint!

here we have our first comparison! (let me know if the slide didn’t work for you – i’m not sure how it appears on mobile or in the reader) the first pic focuses on the texture of the donkey’s fur! i love how fuzzy he or she is. in the second pic, the subject takes center stage!

i think the main difference between the two pics is that in the second one, i stepped back a bit so you can see the donkey’s ears. that subtracts from focusing on the fuzziness and makes the donkey the subject!

this pic has a focused background! the blurred foreground helps emphasize the subject: the hen! haha

sometimes the foreground will totally get in the way. in fact, it often does when you’re trying to focus on something farther from you. however, by experimenting with interesting shots like the one above, you’ll learn more about what’s complimentary!

here we have some long shadows! another example of unfortunate afternoon photography πŸ˜‚ the subject (the playground equipment) is totally.. overshadowed 🌝 (guess that’s where they got the term huh) by, you know, the shade. i could have tried to take a pic from the opposite side, but it was a really casual shot- i offhandedly took it, so i wasn’t invested in the angle haha

moving on- haha

ooh here we have a very interesting angle! (not exactly technical terms haha) can i just say this is a very brave pic to take. it’s unconventional, and the likelihood of it crash-landing is high. but bringing your creative ideas and inspiration to your photography is one of my most important tips! so if you have an idea, go for it. see what you can do!

i also understand if you want to take simpler shots as you start out as a photographer. there’s nothing wrong with that! in fact, by mastering the basics (focal point, subject, colors, etc), more advanced shots will come easily to you in time.

bringing your creative ideas and inspiration to your photography is one of my most important tips! so if you have an idea, go for it. see what you can do!

this one presents beautiful color! i actually took these pics as a joke because the subject (these yellow flag irises) was at a more weathered point in the blooming stage. πŸ˜† but oh my goodness! i was struck by the beautiful contrast of the deep greens and vibrant yellow, even though the petals are strangely shaped.

tip: take some pics you don’t even think will work out! because you never know what will happen!


i’d say this one has a unique perspective! i had to look and point almost straight up to capture these flowers! at first i was like oh no, there’s a huge tree with no leaves in the background lol. but i actually really like how it turned out! it gives the viewer a look at the actual location of this flower bush (in the middle of a forest), which i think is super cool.

ahhhh this one!! we have a unique subject. i love how even though there’s a leaf curled across the flower, it’s still beautifully in focus, especially with the golden sunlight everywhere in the background! the view of the sky peeking through the leaves accents the colors, as well 😍

ok, so i know this post ended up being super long, haha! but i want to thank you for reading! i loved writing this and sharing my tips and photography with you. keep on taking pics and growing as a photographer and creator! ❀

which pic/s were your fave?
let me know if you
have any questions!

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  1. WOW you take such awesome pictures, maggie! love the tips & i had so much fun reading this. also you have such a good eye for photography – that rose one looks SO professional, i love it! great post – hope you have a good day!

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