WE DARE YOU TO BLOG 2022 // blog competition!! {closed}

Last May,
I hosted an
competition with my
buddy Evin!
Through it,
we answered the

What if there was a blog competition where everyone competed against each other for the title of Most Daring Blogger?

It was an incredible event!!

Now I’m ready
to introduce to you…

animation by Evin, handlettering by Maggie!

We Dare You To Blog! is an awesome blogging competition hosted in the month of May!

Wanna see what all of
this is about?
Read on to find out!

What it is: A blogging competition where contestants write dare posts on their blogs!
How to Compete: Write posts on your blog that meet the fun, daring criteria presented in this event!
How it Works: Two blogging dares will be announced each week in May
Goal: Have fun with your blog all month long!
Objective: Earn the most points + gain the title of Most Daring Blogger!

There are 8 dares total!
They’ll be announced
on Mondays and Thursdays
in May.

⚡ How to earn points:⚡

  • Write a post for the dare! (2 points)
  • Write a dare post and don’t mention it’s a dare (+2 points)
  • Extra credit for two special dares! (+2 points for each)
  • For the six normal dares, you can earn a max of 4 points per dare.
  • For the two special dares, you can earn a max of 6 points per special dare.
  • The maximum amount of points any participant can achieve is 44 points.
  • Bloggers aged 10 through 20 can participate
  • If you have a private blog, I will need access to viewing it for this event
  • Bloggers with private blogs that I can’t view will be unable to enter
  • Respect other bloggers/your fellow contestants
  • Don’t cheat
  • Follow the rules 😉
  • Have fun!

💙 FAQ 💙

Q: How long will I have to write a post for a dare?
A: For Monday dares, you will have 3 days to submit (from the time a dare has been announced!). For Thursday dares, you have 4 days to write a post for it.

Q: How do I write posts for these dares?
A: Follow the guidelines in the dare announcement posts. For example, if the dare is to write a post with completely lowercase letters, make sure you stick to that so you get credit for participating.

Q: What does my post need to be about?
A: Anything you want! As long as it meets the dare criteria, it will qualify (i.e. if the dare is to only share pictures in your post, you could share pictures of a recipe you made, a photoshoot you did with your dog, your backyard, your desk – get creative!)

Q: How can I get extra credit?
A: You can get 2 extra points for each post by not mentioning anywhere in the post (or comments!) that it’s part of a dare! If you want to let readers know it’s for a dare, that’s fine, but that will make it where you get 2 points for that post instead of 4.

Q: What if there is a tie?
A: There will be an ULTIMATE DARE ROUND where any ties will be victoriously broken at the end of the month! May the most daring blogger win 😂💙

Group 1: ages 10-13

Group 2: ages 14-16

Group 3: ages 17-20

There will be 3 winners –
one from each age group!

First place 🥇 gets the title of Most Daring Blogger, a winner’s badge, and a blog spotlight on maggie’s doodles!

Second place 🥈 gets a winner’s badge, a custom doodle, and a blog review on maggie’s doodles!

Third place 🥉 gets a winner’s badge and a blog shoutout from Maggie!

All participants 🏅 get a certificate of participation and an honorable mention in the competition finale!

Are you ready to sign up?
Let’s go!

can’t see the image? click here!

Signups were open through May 3rd
(when the first dare is posted!)⚡

signups are now CLOSED

Throughout the competition,
I will be sending
reminder emails (optional sign-up)
so you can stay up to date
with deadlines and event info!


have any questions?
Ask away in the comments!

Welcome to WDYTB’s
2nd Year!
Let’s do this!! 🤩🌟

47 thoughts on “WE DARE YOU TO BLOG 2022 // blog competition!! {closed}”

  1. Unfortunately, I saw this post on May 3rd, so I didn’t get to sign up, but I’m excited to see the results!!!
    Also, how has it been one year since the last WDYTB?!

    Liked by 3 people

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