our trip to the chattanooga zoo! || travel with me

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍💛 guess WHAT! i got to go to the chattanooga zoo with my fam on friday 💖 we had SO much fun, and i can’t wait to show you all the pics!

our trip to the
chattanooga zoo!

here’s my trip outfit! i’m loving all the spring-y vibes 💚💕 (and i match my room, haha)

aww backseat buddies! we swapped around over the duration of the trip, but elizabeth and i started out here together 😊

aww i love this collage SO much! especially the top pic! 💖 i never take thoughtful photography. and look how cute is izzy aww haha

we made it! again izzy’s SUCH a cutie! she posed with her dandelion, haha

when we got to the zoo, i knew we needed to make a buddy system so none of us got lost! izzy and i started out as buddies, our mom and elizabeth were buddies, and samuel and our dad buddied up. it worked out really well and i’m so glad we did it!

there were BUNNIES!!! i loved getting to pet them 😍💕 this was the first thing we did upon entering the zoo!

aww so cute and fluffy!

there were two in this hay pen!

feeding a giraffe has been on my bucket list for a while! so i LOVED getting to do it on this trip!


this one looks dissed, lol. i was trying to offer him or her more lettuce haha!

this phrase (swahili for ‘giraffe home’) is fun to say out loud! although i have no idea how to pronounce it 😂

this bird was SO photogenic and i loved posing with it!! 🤩

the day was a strange blend of comfortable, warm, hot breeze, and nice shade, haha!

here’s my buddy bracelet! izzy got an easter goodie bag that had two bracelets and some candies, so i was like why not make these our buddy bracelets haha

the meerkats! izzy loved watching them zoom around, it was so adorable

free-roaming peacock! i’ve been to a zoo that had free peacocks, which is always a lot of fun, but this zoo had SO MANY~ there were like 10 or 15 of them!

horned lizard! ready for a nap haha (same, bro)

awww this selfie’s so CUTE!! 😍

at this point we tried to look at the komodo dragon exhibit, but it was inside at the time lol. so we went in there next! none of those buildings really worked out for photography since the lighting’s so low, which is why you won’t see many pics from them in this post.

ok look, here’s my new favorite primate!! this gibbon was so chill and friendly. we loved watching him or her!

aesthetic, interesting shade (lol) photo of the zoo map!

after this i went and fed the camels (who got RIGHT IN ME FACE for some lettuce, quite intimidating!). then we got some slushies (kind of a flop, but my lemonade icee was pretty good!), looked at a few more animal exhibits, then went to the gift shop! which is where i got…


LOOK AT HIM!!! this is butterscotch! your friendly neighborhood sloth 😍

not me taking two pictures to make sure i got one i loved, falling in love with them both haha ❤

haha this is the funny version of my new about page picture! go check it out if you wanna see the real pic 😉

look at butterscotch!! flying away! free as a bird (or, you know… butterfly 😂)

selfie! i love the lighting and colors of this one! 😍

aw me and my mom! 😍💫

GUESS WHAT!!! *sees you seeing the picture**well i guess you know now haha* cracker barrel sells SQUISHMALLOWS AHHH (and teeturtle octopi!)

i bought myself the axolotl, octopus, and octopus haha! the octopi’s names are violet and pinky, and the axolotl is betty anne! i never see any of these in store, so i bought them just as soon as i saw them lol 😂💖

ok now back to cracker barrel! i got their grilled chicken breasts (SO GOOD), corn bread muffins (yum!), broccoli (really good!), sweet corn (epic!), and mashed potatoes (pretty good)! i really enjoyed my dinner overall 😋

i wanted to do some stuffie photography once we got out of cracker barrel!

AWWW another cute izzy selfie!

izzy chose the red panda, and elizabeth got the flamingo! i LOVE that stuffed animal sm

samuel got this snake! i love how it’s a completely different vibe from the rest of the stuffies haha. i helped him name it alderon!

thanks SO much for reading!! i love posts like this and i hope you do too 😍

which pic/s were your fave?
what animals do you love
seeing at the zoo?

17 thoughts on “our trip to the chattanooga zoo! || travel with me”

  1. Seems like you’ll had a lot of fun!!!🐒
    Funny story about a free roaming peacock and chicken: A while ago I went to the zoo with my family and they had free roaming birds. We were walking by a tree and a chicken flew/fell out of the tree (not sure how it got up there 🤷‍♀️). There was a peacock nearby and the chicken’s “dismount” from the tree ended up scaring/surprising a nearby peacock and so he/she opened up her beautiful feathers. The end. 😂 🦚🐓

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