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adorable green photoshoot ft. reggie, trevor, and my little buddies! πŸ’š

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles ✨ today’s post is so CUTE!! πŸ˜‚ i did an adorable photoshoot yesterday with my stuffie friends reggie and trevor, and then my siblings joined us afterward!

let’s go!

adorable green photoshoot
ft. reggie, trevor, and my little buddies! πŸ’š

hi buddies! i’m reggie! a little green frog who loves pizza, fun music, and nature 🀩

look! i found a dandelion! 😍

OOH what detail!

this is my buddy trevor! he’s epic!

sup guys! i’m a fun-loving pup who enjoys playing and eating grass πŸ˜„

maggie: uh, i don’t really know if you should say that…

but grass is so yummy!

maggie: okay πŸ˜‚

clover’s yummy, too! πŸ˜€

reggie: trevor, she just said eating grass is kinda weird to talk about 🐸

oh. oh well… lol!

ahhh. it’s so nice to vibe up in a tree from time to time!

samuel helped prop trevor up here!

that kind of worked! haha πŸ˜‚

interesting bark shot. featuring me! maggie said it didn’t turn out as cool as expected, but that’s ok *gives her a froggy hug*

guys! did you know i can FLY?? 😍 jk jk

aww elizabeth’s so cute!

samuel had the idea for this shot! he positioned the sun right behind me and had maggie take the pic

AWW what a cute shot! (totally didn’t photoshop my face because i was making a crazy face and all the kids looked amazing.. actually totally did)

maggie’s foot is a good place to sit πŸ˜‚

we’re so happy you came by her blog today! thanks for reading, we’ll see you around!

which pic/s were
your favorites?
let’s chat in
the comments!

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