things i haven’t tried from chick-fil-a… yet!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles ❤ today’s post is one i came up with while on drinks recently! 😍 i’m gonna chat about the menu items i haven’t tried yet at chick-fil-a!

this whole thing was inspired by our chicken wrap, haha! i decided to try it with spicy fried chicken (it usually comes grilled), and i also tried our creamy salsa dressing. the dressing was pretty good, but the WRAP!! aMAZING!! ❤ i loved it with ranch dressing. so after that i was thinking, there’s really no reason why i can’t make my way through the entire menu!

so let’s see what i haven’t tried yet! i’ll share my expectations – if i’m hopeful that they’ll taste good, why i haven’t tried them yet – and eventually i’ll try them and share if i recommend 😎 hehe let’s get started!

things i haven’t tried
from chick-fil-a… yet!


  • grilled burrito/bowl || this is the only item i haven’t tried from our breakfast menu! it looks pretty unappealing lol, but i guess there’s a chance it could be good. 🤣 i’m gonna try the burrito one!
  • spicy deluxe sandwich ❤ || i just tried this one today!! i got it with american instead of with pepper jack like it automatically comes with. i really enjoyed it! (and with chick-fil-a sauce.. yum!)
  • spicy southwest salad || ugh.. haha! i really don’t wanna try this one, it looks so ugh 🙈 but i guess there’s a chance it’s bomb!
  • veggie wrap || also doesn’t sound too appealing, but hey! it could be epic 😄
  • market salad || i can’t remember if i’ve tried it with the cold grilled chicken! i always get it with nuggets. so i wanna try it the default way
  • waffle potato chips || this post doesn’t have a side dish category lol, so this is going with the entrees! i literally had a dream that i tried these chips and they were epic 😂 😂 i’m so funny
  • apple sauce || i’m gonna feel like a little kid trying this loool


  • jalapeno salsa || it takes me for*ev*er to warm up to trying spicy food! i don’t like the heat most of the time, so i’ll steer clear of spice lol. but then i end up loving the flavor a lot of the time! so i’m gonna give our salsa a go
  • buffalo sauce || am i crazy? i’ve literally never had our buffalo sauce! i’m gonna have it with something soon… and most likely some ranch too!
  • apple cider vinaigrette || lots of people like it, maybe i will too 😂
  • mayoonaise || LOL i’m gonna leave the spelling like that! i’ve literally never tried our mayo! i’m always hyped about our specialty sauces, and i can’t slow down enough to have mayo hehe. (*thinks back* wait… i might have tried it before with a spicy sandwich… but that’s unconfirmed)
  • lite italian || something tells me that if i’ve tried italian dressing, this one will taste like it… 🧐 tehe


  • original iced coffee || we have 3 kinds: vanilla, mocha cream cold brew, and this one! i haven’t tried the OG and i figure i should be able to say i’ve tried ’em all haha (btw the vanilla iced coffee is ok, and the mocha cream is SO good!)
  • root beer || the first chick-fil-a i worked at didn’t have root beer! the one i’m at now does though, and i wanna see what it’s like!
  • floats || i wanna try a bunch of them: root beer float, sprite float (sounds funky, could be epic!), dr. pepper float, coke float, and a strawberry fanta float!
  • apple juice || i mean… why not haha (i’m on a mission!)

combinations/customer favorites:

  • original sandwich + mayo || a lot of our elderly customers love this combo! i gotta try it!
  • well done ❤ / no salt fries || i wonder if i actually LOVE fries either of these ways, and i have no idea lol! update: before i published this post, i tried well done fries! i really like them! 👍
  • cookie ice dream sundae || you can’t order this, but you can order them separately! i wanna buy a cookie and ice dream and eat them together 😍
  • ice dream with peach topping || i’ve gotten it with strawberry topping, but i didn’t think to do it with peach! so this summer i REALLY wanna try it 😏
  • well done sandwich || i also tried this one! i’ve gotten two spicy deluxes well done and they were so gOOD!!

thanks for reading! the only thing i couldn’t add to this list is our cookie parfait. i don’t like eating greek yogurt so unfortunately, i won’t be able to try this one 😂

which things do you want
to try from cfa?

11 thoughts on “things i haven’t tried from chick-fil-a… yet!”

  1. I have never seen a cfa in my country, ever 😭
    although one day I do want to try it because everyone says it’s really good! also, they’ve *finally* opened a taco bell near me, so I can try that out soon hopefully XD
    I love spicy food! I especially like spicy crisps and spicy chicken 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww!! i really hope they open one there someday, and im glad you have a taco bell now! 😍👏 if they have the steak quesarito at yours, i DEFINITELY recommend it!
      ooh yes 🤩

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fun! I’ve never had chick-fil-a… and I don’t even know if I could have anything from cfa, cause I’m on a gluten and dairy free diet do to health reasons. *rolls eyes* I could go on and on about health and mental health issues, but I won’t. 😉
    Anyways, this was interesting to read! How long have you worked at cfa?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you definitely could! we have a gluten-free bun, and our waffle potato chips are gluten-free too 😍❤️ you have options if you’re ever interested haha
      thanks! it was a fun post! i’ve worked there for 9 months total at two different stores. i love it so much!


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