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the story continues… || doodle profiles & short story collab with maya!

hello!! welcome BACK to maggie’s doodles 😍 guess what!! i’m continuing an epic collab with maya today! we did this collab last year, and today we’re doing the *2022 version* (continuation) of it!! it was super fun and i’m stoked to show you guys the story!

maya’s a great blogging buddy, and i always have a lot of fun chatting with her! i totally recommend you go by her blog 😊

i wrote a short story called flametails, and today i’m sharing the second part of it! they’re inspired by maya’s amazing artwork. on maya’s blog, you can see the doodles i drew, and the profiles she wrote for them! click here to check ’em out 👍

let’s go!

flametails ~ part 2

look at the EPIC art maya drew for my story!!

“Guys, you’ll never believe this.” Propping my phone better between my fingers, I looked with concern into the camera. Keeping my voice at a whisper, I continued: “You know Flametails? The book everyone’s reading? Well, this is kinda weird. There’s literally a box of foxes, right here at my library. And I swear I just saw the… in the woods-“”

I cut myself off. The hooded figure had now disappeared. But the foxes were still there.

Trying to lighten the mood, I turned my body and brought the kits into the camera view. “Look! They are kinda cute. It’s probably a full coincidence. I figured I’d vlog it because, you know. So trendy.”

I cringed internally. I should really get a life.

Stopping the video, I slipped my phone into my backpack and knelt down at the box. “Hey guys,” I said sweetly. I wasn’t sure if I should pet them- don’t random wild animals carry rabies sometimes? Which is so weird, and unfair – animals are so cute!

A car passed by on the road just then, startling me a bit. I was definitely on high alert.

I looked at the foxes. One of them was asleep; the other was blinking curiously at me.

I smiled. Wouldn’t it be cool to be part of something legendary?

Footsteps sounded behind me, and I about toppled into the box.

“Hey, what’s up?” A friendly voice greeted me.

I turned around, ready to meet my fate.

ooh wasn’t that so awesome?? i started working on the third part since that cliffhanger was so huge, haha! lmk if you wanna read on 😏

thanks for collabing with me maya!! i enjoyed it so much! 😍

was that a fun story?
did you think my doodles were cute?
make sure to check out maya’s post!

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