snapshots from my week | strawberries, squishmallows, and my birthday!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 i’m finishing up this post at a weird time of day while on break at work because i went to work early!! 😂👍 not starting my day with blogging was strange. i would have scheduled this post if i had known, but i wanted to help out at work. it was a nice change!

anyway intro aside, let’s check out the week’s snapshots!

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i was SO stoked to try these jellybeans!! i found them at five below and knew i had to see if they tasted like my favorite sour gummy worms. …they don’t 😂 so unfortunate! they taste like good jellybeans, but nothing like the worms. oh well

EEEEE i love this poster!! i’ve been wanting to get one for quite a while, and i finally found one! they’re so prettyyyy 💕

the girls and i had fun playing with squishmallows!! (squishie-marie looks extra squishie right there haha)


STRAWBERRIES! i’m so glad they’re in season, y’all 😍🍓

i love switching things up and putting one of my nicknames on my cfa cups some days, haha! (and the little doodle is great too)

janet’s here to remind you guys to love yourselves! i got this cute little cup from five below

i got an egg white grill biscuit and fruit cup for breakfast on saturday! i also got a free frosted coffee for my birthday 😍🎉

the sky is so prettyyyyy! 💙💕

a PUPPY came through the drive-thru!! 😍💜 i love seeing this regular customer with his doggies

samuel got me a hummingbird stuffed animal for my bday, haha! i love it! 😂❤️💚 it chirps, so he named it chirpy!

izzy got me these stuffie buddies! i named the one poppie and samuel said we should name the other one sippie lol, which i just LOVE! 😂💙

josh got me the new kirby SWITCH game!! it’s a lot of fun so far! the pic isn’t that great, but it’s ok hehe

the sunrise this morning! i appreciated my dad dropping me off 🧡

thanks for reading guys! i’m gonna fix some of the images and formatting later haha, hope you’re having a great day!

update: they’re fixed now! and the featured image is so pretty 💜

what did you do this week?
aren’t my presents so CUTE? 😍💞

22 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | strawberries, squishmallows, and my birthday!”

      1. Aw so lucky! I loved the snow world music in Kirby Crystal Shards . I can’t wait . I still need to finish another game I’m playing before I start Kirby.


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