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my top tips for when you’re feeling discouraged as a blogger

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💜 i’m sharing some blog inspiration with you today! 🌟

i started working on this post when i was actually discouraged about blogging! much of the inspiration behind posts like this comes from needing to be reminded of these things myself. i get to learn more about balancing life, helping people, and strengthening myself by sharing this content! 😍

so i wrote this post for you and for me. 💖 i hope it can encourage you today! i’ve compiled some of my best tips for getting re-encouraged on your blogging journey 😊

let’s go!

my top tips for when
you’re feeling discouraged as a blogger

Ask yourself: are you dissatisfied with your content or your readership? //

this will help you to proceed 💜 getting to the root of what you’re feeling will enable you to identify what’s wrong and solve it. it could be both, or just one.

here are some more questions you can ask:

  • am i interested in the posts/series i’m currently working on, or do i keep putting them off?
  • do i feel connected with my readers and the blogs i follow?
  • are there posts i would work on if i wasn’t already committed to other posts i’m actually losing interest in?
  • do i want to reach out and find new bloggers to interact with?

not me accidentally evaluating and identifying what i’m struggling with rn with my own questions bahaha

It may have nothing to do
with your blog //

there have been times where i was quickly losing motivation to blog because of a huge drop in views and comments. however there are multiple scenarios that explain a quiet blog community – and it’s nothing personal!

the holidays, school breaks, sundays, exam season, back to school, and finals are a few examples of weeks/times of the year that consistently result in less people on wordpress. even the time of day you post can result in less people seeing it because of where your content ends up in their reader!

i just recently shared tips & advice if you’re losing followers 💚

so by learning about blog community down times, the habits of your readers (it kinda sounds like i’m encouraging you to stalk them hehe), and more, you’ll get to know how wordpress operates! it’ll better prepare you for the ups and downs in activity.

Taking a break has its benefits, but make sure it’s what’s best for you right now //

there have been a couple times where i announced/took a break, then regretted it like the next day because it wasn’t what i needed. 😆 it was like i had a lot of creative energy at the time, but i was working on the wrong posts. so once i’d redirected my blog focus, i was fine and wanted to post again.

so sometimes, you could take a blog ‘pause’ while you figure out where you are and what you’re doing with blogging. it wouldn’t require a hiatus or break – you’d just give yourself enough time to get back on track!

Do a quick content + blog evaluation //

ask yourself questions like:

  • if i were a reader of my blog, would i enjoy my own content?
  • do my categories match what i’m writing about?
  • is my blog’s theme/design in line with my posts, or do they clash?
  • am i feeling connected to or distant from my content?
  • is there anything i can change (i.e. fonts used, blog theme, writing voice) that would help me enjoy blogging more?

thanks so much for reading! 💖 i’d love to know if there are any questions you’d like answered, or topics i can write about – just comment them or send them through my contact page 😊

did you find these tips
encouraging today?

16 thoughts on “my top tips for when you’re feeling discouraged as a blogger”

  1. I have almost 300 listed but only hear from around 30-40 on a given day. I kinda though it was because there is so much to sift through or LOL my posts are just incredibly boring. Not complaining. Mine is a personal site. Not doing it for ads or money. Just for fun.

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  2. What a great post, and yes, sometimes it’s not even about the blog, as the content can be amazing. Sometimes it’s about distribution, which is an extra skill that needs time. You hit the nail on the head there. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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