snapshots from my week | early spring, thrift store finds, and my new shirts

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍 are you ready for snapshots?? i sure am!

i’ve had quite an interesting past few weeks! there’s been lots of new stuff going on, and i’m really enjoying it. how’s your week going? (oh and my birthday is nEXT SUNDAY AHHH~)

let’s go!

my favorite flowers got rained on, hehe! i love dem πŸ’•

samuel selfie! πŸ˜‚

i took this pic to identify the type of flower (apparently it’s a rhododendron variant lol because there are over a THOUSAND OF THEM i’ll never learn flowers). yeah it’s another rhododendron!

aww me and izzy! what a cutie!

i went out and got ice cream with my work buddies after our Bible study! it was SO good- strawberry cheesecake in a sprinkle waffle cone 🀩 and the top part of the cone had like birthday cake frosting- you CAN’T get much better!

aww this little display reminded me of how close we are to easter! it’s adorable!

DID YOU KNOW i’m on a chocolate fast? (it makes my skin unhappy hehe) so this entire display is super duper taunting. me and my coworker were starting at all the options like πŸ₯° knowing full well we weren’t gonna buy any of it haha

here’s another new shirt i got! (i shared a few more in this post πŸ’ž) it’s surprising how good yellow looks on me πŸ’›

now let’s check out some thrift store finds! 😍

look! a clog πŸ˜€ …just one. for your single-clogged needs πŸ˜‚

wook! a teeny, tiny lemonade stand!

some super adorable spring figurines! and the lemonade stand in the bottom right for size~

look at this delighted couple
i just wanna know what the artist was thinking 🀣

i got this shirt to start off my dressy spring clothing! the rest of my formal/dress wear at this point is wintery, and this is a nice transitional piece 🧑

i have a couple extra pics from janet’s day in the life! i got reggie at the thrift store the other day, and i LOVE him! πŸ’š (lmk what kind of photoshoot you’d love to see him in! 😍)

i took this pic when i couldn’t help but admire the nice scenery in the backgound, haha! also janet’s cute little head hehe

i did a SUPER special photoshoot with joshua and his girlfriend! 😍 i’ve never done a couple photoshoot before, and i loved the experience. we had a blast, laughed the whole time, and now they have pictures of the two of them. ❀

a while back diamond asked me to review cookout!! so we’re here to do that today 🀩

i had mello yello! and uh.. it tasted nice (kinda like sprite but a little more lemony maybe, haha), but by the time i finished it my stomach was hurting. i really wanted a refill but had to pass πŸ˜† thankfully my stomach pain went away!

the side dishes… were ok. the hushpuppies were fine (they tasted exactly like the frozen ones i’ve made at home, and i like those but i was hoping they’d taste different). the cheese fries, i’m sorry but were the worst ones i’ve had πŸ˜‚

now the BURGER!! it has potential for greatness 😍😍 i just had lettuce, mayo, and ketchup on mine (i took the onions and bacon off because eh~ no me likey), but next time i get cookout, i’m gonna see what other topping options they have! cause it was really good!

me, joshua, and his girlfriend went shopping after our early dinner! i SUPER considered getting this cutie- i love herrrr

also this body mist or whatever smelled INCREDIBLLLLLLE

the last thing we did was get cookies and icees! i had a blue raspberry one and a stRAWBERRY CRINKLE COOKIE~ i’ve been loving strawberry-flavored treats recently! taking time off from chocolate is expanding my library of epic desserts baha

thanks so much for reading! i had a lot of fun writing this post and i hope you enjoyed reading it πŸ’•

which pic/s were your fave?
what did you do this week?

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