a day in the life of janet!

hi buddies! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! it’s janet, and i’m guest starring today to share a day in the life with you! let’s go 😍💞

a day in the life of janet!

good morning! ☀️ first thing i do is work on some blog posts with maggie. she loves blogging in the morning!

admiring the sunshine is one of my favorite things to do. sunlight is so gorgeous!

i chilled in the bed for a little while before maggie could make it 😂💕💕 so cozy cozy!

now i’m hanging out with my friends a bit! they’re having a great day too 🌸

do you love yoga? i sure do! 😍🌟 it’s relaxing, it feels good, and you get to viiiibe hehe

i decided to try out doodling! i think the little face i drew turned out pretty cute!

time to wash up! i took a bath and cleaned my face 😊💕 it’s always very relaxing!

do you love reading? i sure do! it’s another chill activity i have fun doing.

i got to meet reggie today! he’s maggie’s new little frog friend 🐸💚 and is very friendly!

white roses are SO beautiful! i admired the ones we have on the dining room table.

nap time! i took a little nap in the girls’ bedroom 😴💕

once my nap was over, i went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! it was kind of bright, so i asked maggie if i could borrow her sunglasses.

ahh. living the dream!

as you know, maggie’s favorite plant is BLOOMING! 😍💖 it’s so prettyyyy

wow, this one’s kinda intense haha

i love spring so much!

maggie made me a yummy snack! fruit plates are the best 🍉🍇🍐

it’s almost time for bed! i say goodnight to ray the rainbow before tucking in 💕

goodnight everybody! 😴💜

thanks sooo much for reading! 😍 i love janet- she’s so sweet and adorable!

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which pic was your favorite?
whose day in the life would
you like to see next?

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