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blog community announcements 🌟 || april 2022

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’• i have an exciting post for you today!

i want to spread the word about various things happening in the blog community! 😍 there are contests, celebrations, new tags/awards, people coming back from blogging breaks, and so much more. i’m gonna share all the recent things i’ve noticed for late march/the month of april.

please comment anything from your blog you’d like for me to add*, or exciting stuff you’ve noticed on others’ blogs! i’ll be updating this post through april 15th. oh and make sure to share any deadlines i need to know about! (i.e. contest submissions accepted through april 2nd, etc)

let me know if you’d like to see a post like this every month! i’d love to share these more often πŸ’•

*as long as your post/s fit the announcement categories previously mentioned, i’ll add it!

also this post looks way nicer on my blog than it does in the reader, haha. click here to read it on my blog!

blog community announcements 🌟
april 2022

pavithra’s photo
collage competition!

about: make a collage
based on your fave book,
song or movie!
deadline: march 31st

gelina’s haiku contest
about: write a haiku about
global warming/climate change!
deadline: april 2nd

chloe’s flash fiction
writing contest

about: submit a flash fiction
piece based on one of
3 prompts!
deadline: april 9th

diamond’s 300 follower

about: submit questions for
her writing q&a
deadline: april 12th

shiny787’s blog tag
the make-a-moment

see: her post here
(open nomination)

gelina’s blogger

about: contact her
about being interviewed!
(ongoing series)

be you challenge!

see: her post here
(open nomination)

the jolly space
returned from a
long posting break!
see: most recent
post here

out in the random
returned from a
long posting break!
see: most recent
post here

guest post + collab
opportunities 🌟
april 2022

thanks sooo much for reading! 🀩 like i previously mentioned, i’ll be updating this post through april 15th. i’ll be happy to add any other exciting happenings, as well as y’all’s info on guest post/collab opportunities! i put my blog name, contact link, and the types of collabs i’m interested in. you can give me that info for you as well!

are you excited about these
blog events?
do you know of any other
awesome blog happenings?

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