snapshots from my week | rainbow pillows, duck soap, and epic organization

hey guys!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! πŸ’• i took a few weeks off from Snapshots while i focused on work, but now i’m back 🀩 let’s get right into it!

i found this hilarious, adorable, fun pillow at walmart!! i fell in love with it immediately – it makes me laugh and has such personality! πŸ˜‚

okay, so how about this soap dispenser?? lol! it looks like it’s quite put out to be dispensing soap!

have i mentioned i love life wtr bttls? loool most of the designs can be weird, but i enjoy having multiple bottles! this is the coolest design they’ve made in a while

happy st. patrick’s day! πŸ€πŸŒˆ i doodlified this coloring page, haha! i think it turnedout super cute 😍

one of the best drinks, guys: taco bell pink lemonade split with sprite!

look at my bookshelf! it’s so pretty and airy!! (hi sunnyyyy! side note: can y’all believe we’re over half way through march?)

i found this at walmart and couldn’t resiiiiist! i had to buy it!

outfit of the day i thought i’d share! my cfa team member appreciation shirt, my maroon hoodie i’ve had for the longest, and comfy black jeans.

thought i’d share the shoes, as well: i can’t live without my work sketchers!

took this pic immediately after the ootd. i’m getting over a cold and the congestion, fevers, cough, and fatigue are no fun! but i’m getting better 😊

moving on to another topic. i don’t wear much makeup right now, but when/if i do, i NEED a succulent-themed eye shadow palette in my life!!

here’s a view of the inside!

i actually took this pic for future reference, because a lot of these products look amazing and i don’t wanna forget to check them out. don’t they look so aesthetic?? πŸ˜‚

so one of my coworkers caught a baby turtle!!! i’m in love 😍 i’ve never seen one that small before!

work selfie! living the drive-thru life haha

thanks so much for reading! i loved getting to share another post in this series, and i’ll talk to you again soon!

which pic/s were your favorite?
what did you do last week?

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