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my blogging process // collab with jo!

hiya! welcome back to maggie’s doodles, the fun creative blog where i share interactive and inspirational posts! thanks for being here 😍

i’m doing a collab with jo @ froggysprouts today!! i’m so excited πŸ’« i have a lot of fun reading her blog and really recommend you check out her posts! πŸ’š

i got the idea for this post from shiny787! i *think* it was from this 100+ blog post ideas list she shared, but i could be wrong πŸ˜‚ either way i appreciate the inspiration!

jo and i are chatting about our blogging processes! i always think it’s cool to see the behind-the-scenes of how other bloggers blog. we get to see how awesome and unique we all are, as well as swap ideas and inspiration with each other!

let’s go!

my blogging process

create a draft + title it! //

years ago when i was blogging, i’d write an entire post, then title it last! this was fine sometimes, but man, it’s easy to ramble away and not have a good purpose for the post (other than it being a ramblefest lol) when you don’t title first, or at least halfway through. so i make it a point to title first and make that a priority, because you can make it reader-friendly (aka wanting to read the post, not scroll on by!), and it helps you figure out what you’re gonna do with the post!

add my signature πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚ //

i’ll do this mindless formatting stuff while warming up my writer’s voice! it usually takes me a minute to get in the zone, and to make that possible, I’ll spend this formatting time thinking about the main points i want to include, who my target audience is, things like that.

answer the question: can this be a series? //

if not, then i can write a great standalone post! if it has series potential, then i need to work on a creative series name first and reserve some of my ideas for later posts. this is a great way to maximize your content so you don’t run out of ideas!

take/gather pictures for it //

it depends on the nature of the post – does it include a photoshoot i took? will i be adding stock photos? does the featured image need to match the post’s other pictures? my answers to these questions determines when I get the pictures.

outline the main idea/s for the post //

i’ll also work on my intro and outro around this time. did you know that most of the time, i write the outro first? i have no idea why! (future update: i don’t usually do this anymore haha)

getting those main ideas down is a great way to give your post structure and purpose. πŸ’š

those first drafts do end up looking like mad scientist material, tho – scribbling whatever ideas fly into your head and trying to make sense of them in the draft, lol!! but hey, you grow as a blogger through all the crazy awesomeness.

tag, format, categorize //

also known as: the boring blogging stuff. but it’s actually kinda fun when you have music playing in the background! (i’m lookin’ at you, hunter hayes bahaha) also, formatting helps me to connect more with my content and think about the reader experience for each post. so i really recommend playing around with formatting and design!

make the featured image //

a lot of times, creating the image for a post helps me to refine the post’s title! i’ll be like wow, that isn’t catchy or ooh i know what I can say instead! getting creative and making a poster that reflects the post’s message and mood is always a wonderful experience. i’ll work on the design, color palette, stickers, etc. until it embodies my original idea (or something i love even more!). there are even times when i’ll postpone a post when i can’t create an accurate featured image for it, because that helps me to see that i’m not fully committed to the post yet, which I think is really cool! (and by cool, i mean that i appreciate knowing that i’m not ready to write it yet, haha! i don’t think it’s cool to not be able to create~)

thanks so much for reading! i hope you enjoy checking out jo’s blog today 😍

what do you do to
get ready to write posts?

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