tips for figuring things out when life feels like too much πŸ’–

hello!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’• today’s post is inspired by a conversation i had with shiny787! πŸ₯° she asked if i could share tips and advice for busy people, and i think it’s a wonderful idea for a series!

i think we’re all familiar with having too much on our plate. it can happen accidentally, and then there are seasons where we’re in a constant state of motion.

when we feel like we’ll never get caught up, or see the end of our to do lists, that’s insanely discouraging!

i want to share some hope for you today, and provide some different perspectives that can help you get your life and sanity back πŸ€— ily!

let’s go!

tips for figuring things out
when life feels like too much πŸ’–

Get back to the basics //

for me, when there’s too much on my mind, everything starts looking equally stressful and impossible! when i need to clear my mind, i’ll break things down. i’ll turn off the music, pause a project i’ve been working on, turn off youtube, and do anything i can to eliminate some of the noise. this helps me to see clearly again and do the bare minimum of what i must do while i regain control.

Write down the 5 things you want to do most in your life rn //

when my thoughts and ideas are swirling around at 150mph, i like to make at least one list somewhere. i’ll pull out my phone, a scrap of paper, or a notebook and get writing. it’s just a brain dump, so i don’t usually decorate the page or save it to look at later. in fact, i usually toss it when i’m done. it helps to write, but i don’t like keeping stuff like that because the less stuff i have that reminds me of being overwhelmed, the better lol!

so: which 5 things do you want to do most? they could be 4 things you have to do and 1 thing you want to do. you could write 5 things you have to do and 5 things you want to do. it’s totally up to you. once this list (or lists) is done, choose one of the things and figure out the next step you can take toward accomplishing it.

i find that with goals, once you identify what you want & need and get in motion, you’ll get in such a rhythm of goal-setting and goal-reaching that it becomes easier over time!

note: i wrote a post on goals + setting them if you’d like to read it!

Turn down opportunities //

this one is so hard, i know. last summer, i had to pass on multiple blog events/collab opportunities because of my work-life balance at the time. it was hard but SO worth it. you know your situation best and how much you can handle, and if you already feel like you’re maxing out emotionally at this point, please stand up for what you need to do πŸ’–

Declutter + simplify //

while getting settled into my new job recently, i had the strong urge to simplify other areas of my life! work felt so new and crazy, and it helped to make things easier for myself where i could. one way of doing this was by transitioning to out-of-sight organization!

i’m in the process of sorting my closet into containers and bins, and i’m putting my doodling supplies in my desk drawers instead of them being on my desktop! for a while so much of my stuff was visible, and idk about you, but when things are unsorted, stacked, and visible, you just wanna do something about it. (that’s me anyway hehe) so instead of donating and throwing away all of my stuff just because i’m tired of looking at it 🀣 i’m sorting it out of sight! because obviously i still want my things.

thank you so much for reading! i hope something in this post could help inspire you today. if you have any specific questions you’d like or me to answer (to the best of my ability and experience), please ask them below or through my contact page!

did this post help you?
what helps you when
life’s too much?

28 thoughts on “tips for figuring things out when life feels like too much πŸ’–”

  1. Ahh this is nice. I’ve been in a huge blogging/life slump lately so it’s very helpful for me right now.
    I think for me, I don’t really *want* to do anything to help myself when I get like this. *shrugs* But I know these things would help if I let them.

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