a photoshoot with my favorite flowers!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! 🌺 it’s my favorite time of year agaaaain! 😍 my favorite flower bush is blooming!!

that’s a lot of exclamation points haha

anyway yeah! i’m very very happy. it’s not even done blooming yet, but i was so stoked to see pink in our yard that i went ahead and did a photoshoot lol (and i’ll do one again in about a week once all the flowers are present!)

my iphone XR (i know i talk about it all the time lol) identified my bush for me! all this time i had no idea what type of plant it was. it’s a rhododendron bush! and its flowers are SO beautiful πŸ’•

i shared the progression of my rhododendron blooming last year in this snapshots post!

a photoshoot with
my favorite flowers!

oh mai gush

these flowers are the reason i love spring so much!! 😍

that qualityyy

they look so delicate here

the angle of this one + the focal point is interesting~ but i decided to go for it 😎

you’re a beautiful flower, yes you are!! haha


the sky tho- (light gray mid-morning vibes)

focal point’s a bit everywhere, so you have to take it as a whole haha

subject? great. background? questionable hehe

EEE beautiful!

now for some bonus pics!

i wanted to show you guys how much of an impact filters make! they can make or break the shot and completely alter the vibe. which one is your favorite? (the one called ‘Blooming’ is so fitting haha – did not mean to do that)

this filter’s called ‘Coral’! i’ve always wanted to do a day in the life photoshoot with it because it’s such an intense, cool filter. lmk if you wanna see that!

and now… bring on the sad violin music…

we had a very cold weekend and now the flowers are wilting!! 😒 i don’t think it’s gonna finish blooming now. *sigh* they’re dropping off and are a duller shade of pink now. (also i took the pics above at like 5 PM and the rest of this post was at 10 AM so the lighting’s different anyway)

oh well… i’m really glad i took the other pics when i did!

thanks so much for reading! i definitely shared the highlights and lowlights of spring in georgia in this post πŸ˜‚ sorry for killing the vibe at the end there, but it’s the reality of our springs. le sigh

do you love flower photography?
what should i take pics of next?

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