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behind-the-scenes of maggie’s doodles: organizing the dashboard

hello! welcome back to my blog πŸ’• today i’m gonna walk you through how i tidy my dashboard! 😍

one of the things that makes blogging so fun is the behind-the-scenes organization! keeping everything updated, tidy, and useful is my priority. i’ve been doing dashboard tidies since like 2017 so i’ve got quite a bit of experience haha!

let’s check out my methods! maybe they can inspire you and help you vamp up your organization πŸ€©πŸ‘

by the way this post isn’t very Reader- or mobile-friendly~ sorry about that (click here to read it on my blog!)

behind-the-scenes of maggie’s doodles:
organizing the dashboard

Resize images in the media library and delete ones I didn’t use //

it’s funny how far i had to scroll to get away from future blog post spoilers haha~

i really love this part!! it’s fun to resize pics from photoshoots, get rid of pics i changed my mind about, and more. sometimes, i’ll also find pics from drafts i haven’t finished writing yet and it will inspire me to get writing!

Keep drafts I’m working on rn and transfer old ideas to my private page //

ooh sneak peeks!! 😍 haha (i did all that work to not spoil anything in the last pic but look at me now)

this is a new method i’m trying out with draft organization! i have lots i’m slowly working on + want to tackle soon, then i transfer all the rest to my ✨ private page! ✨ (i feel like i’m talking about things and not talking about things simultaneously loool sorry) it helps me to feel more productive instead of having 100+ drafts, which happened last year. i thought it would boost my productivity but it did the opposite haha, i felt like i was doing everything and nothing!

i’ll also of course delete drafts i changed my mind about. i try not to do this too often because even ideas that i’ve barely developed have the potential for greatness! πŸ˜‚πŸ’• i’ll shelve them and see what happens

Check comments spam folder //

there aren’t any in there rn, but a lot of real comments go there! so i always make sure to check 😊

i always question akismet when it flags my friends lol, like imaaaagine thinking my buddies are fake 🀨 aha

Review categories, consolidate them if needed and verify posts are grouped correctly //

i’d say i do this a couple times a year! i like to have as few categories as possible, and then as many tags as i can πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ i feel much more on top of my blog when all of my posts are seamlessly categorized into 8 categories!

imma check how many tags maggie’s doodles has~ oh goodness almost 600 haha! so i want to show up in as many matching tags as i can in the Reader, but like i said simple categories makes me happy. it also helps with content brainstorming! i can easily see which categories need some love lol (aka new posts on the topic) and there won’t be any retired categories that have like 3 posts or whatever.

Check latest posts to make sure they’re tagged (8-15 per post if possible) + if they’re part of a series, add that tag //

oh i was just talking about these lol! (not me forgetting the headings i’d written while elaborating on them)

sometimes i’ll publish a post then tag it afterward (what am i saying, i do this all the time). i wait until then because trying to tag from the block editor? impossible. it eats tags. 🀠 but when i quick edit each post, it’s super easy! and i can copy and paste similar tags when applicable.

you may not know this (kind of a maggie’s doodles easter egg, haha!), but i have tags for my different series! i do it for blog organization but honestly it would help you guys locate posts you’re looking for, too. a few examples of tags i really like are stuffies, blog coaching with maggie, and mental health with maggie

Make sure I’ve replied to latest form responses //

i considered showing you my latest ones, but what a breach of privacy haha

i also get emailed when someone contacts me this way, so none usually get left behind! (that wording felt wrong) and as you can see right now, there’s one spam i gotta delete. *checks it* ooOOooh body posture corrector? count me in haha

Tweak widgets, update pages, and fix broken images when necessary //

ooh my secret page 🀑 haha

i’d say this is actually the least fun on this entire post lol! (why am i ending with it then~) i’ll do this periodically- checking up on random dashboard pages, and checking my blog for anything broken, or something that needs updating. i think what’s frustrating about it is that when an image is broken, most of the time i won’t remember what was supposed to be there.. so i’ll either leave it or put a pic there hoping it was the right one aha

thanks so much for reading! i LOVED writing this post and i’d love to know what i should write next for this little series! 😍

i could do: content brainstorming, post titling, coming up with post series, and blog organization!

which behind-the-scenes post
should i write next?

15 thoughts on “behind-the-scenes of maggie’s doodles: organizing the dashboard”

  1. If I were this organized, my blog would’ve hit so many followers but no I’m so lazy! I loved reading this though,πŸ’– it was informative and it motivated me to put some *effort* in my blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i’ll help you with what i can! would you like for me to explain anything i mentioned in this post so you can do it for your blog? 😊


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