how i deal with discouragement

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. πŸ’• discouragement is something i feel all πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ time πŸ‘ haha! it must come from all of my dreams and creative endeavors πŸ˜‚ so when i tell you i have found quite a few ways to get motivation back and stay positive, i’m sure you can imagine how often i turn to these!

whatever you may be discouraged about – work, relationships, your studies, priorities, blogging, new habits, your goals – i have some inspiration for you today! πŸ’œ

how i deal with discouragement

➸ i remember i won’t feel like this forever

i use this one all the time!

the biggest thing that brings me down is the assumption that i will always be discouraged, i’ve never been more discouraged, and this discouragement will ultimately result in failure.

when i break up those thought patterns with this opposing fact (i won’t feel like this forever), i’m able to remember all the times this was true!

➸ i’ll switch gears and do something i know i can do

most of my discouragement comes from the huge belief that ‘i can’t do this.‘ so when i pick a very simple goal that i know i can reach quickly, and then accomplish it, i feel really motivated to continue moving forward!

when you see that you are able
to reach your goals, that helps so much!

➸ i’ll remember that quitting does not feel better than persevering

this one takes a bit to learn, but BOY is it true!!

when i get discouraged, i’ll end up thinking i will be more comfortable if i just let whatever’s discouraging me go.

but that’s not the case most, if not all, of the time.

the reason i’m pursuing something in the first place
is either because i have to, or i really want to!

depending on what it is, when i decide to persevere, it allows me to either follow through with what i wanted to do originally, or it helps me to continue taking steps toward my main goal.

one other thing i wanted to mention: when your discouragement is rooted in your goals being misaligned with your priorities, that’s really worth evaluating. it may not be a matter of persevering, but of realigning your life!

➸ i’ll take a little break from thinking about it

have you ever done an ‘i spy’ puzzle? there will inevitably be one or two items you think you’ll *never* be able to find! but if you look away from the puzzle for at least a few moments, you can return to your search with a refreshed perspective.

the same is often true for something i’m discouraged about!

so i’ll turn on some music. i’ll have a conversation with a friend on an unrelated topic. i’ll make myself a snack or meal. i’ll vacuum my room. i’ll see what my little sisters are up to. then when i’m ready to return to tackling my discouragement, my head will be a bit (if not a lot) clearer!

➸ i’ll give myself a free ‘pass go’ lol

if you know how to play monopoly, then you (probably haha!) understood what that meant. if not, i’ll tell you!

in the monopoly board game, you get $200 every time you pass the ‘Go’ space, as a reward for making it all the way back around. sometimes, a card you draw will enable you to pass Go for free on your way to another space!

so when it comes to discouragement and giving myself a free ‘pass go,’ i’ll acknowledge that i would have already liked to accomplish a big goal by now, but it’s ok that i haven’t yet.

i thought of the passing ‘go’ analogy because it’s a reminder that you’re still in the game, you can still pursue your goals, and even though there are setbacks, you can still feel good about the things you’re accomplishing!

thanks for reading guys! i loved getting to open up about this topic and share some things that help me. let me know if you ever have post requests! i enjoy sharing advice, experiences, relatable bits, and so much more. πŸ₯°

i hope this helped you in some small way and could encourage you today! i’m here for you πŸ’•

did this post help you?
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8 thoughts on “how i deal with discouragement”

  1. I agree with the perseverance point. I recently began running and I felt like I couldn’t do it, but then at the end of every run session, the satisfaction is tremendous, and that satisfaction is so sweet that it makes all that bitter perseverance worth it! loved this post!

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