real life me vs. the blogging me!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’• i saw this post idea on nehal’s blog, which is: sharing the differences between your blogging self and your irl self! 😍 i’m not sure if she came up with it, so please lmk if anyone else inspired it first.

there are a lot of similarities between blog me and real life me! one of my main goals on maggie’s doodles is to align the two πŸ˜‚ and both inspire me at various points to be more positive in the other area! (for example, being cheery on my blog helps me to do it in real life, and being helpful irl encourages me to be helpful while blogging)

so i’ll list different traits i have and we’ll see if they’re in line with each other!

real life me
the blogging me!

πŸ’— enthusiastic!

blog me: yes!! i’m enthusiastic all the time πŸ˜„ sometimes i’m more solemn on serious posts or if i’m helping someone with a problem. otherwise, i love emojis and exclamation points!
real life me: i’m enthusiastic with my closest friends! i’m usually the most goofy with samuel, elizabeth, izzy, and a few of my coworkers! whoever wants to be funny and enthusiastic with me, i return the energy

πŸ’— helpful!

blog me: i absolutely love answering anyone’s blogging questions! i’ll also chat about life tips, encouragement, and more. just as much as i love having fun, i similarly prioritize helping others 😊
real life me: oh yeah! i help whoever needs it at work (guests and coworkers) and i enjoy being approachable. i really appreciate helpful people when i have questions, so being that kind of person myself is always my goal!

πŸ’— creative!

blog me: absolutely!! πŸ˜‚ this one goes without saying. i adore digital design, customizing my blog, writing cool posts, and so much more.
real life me: yas! photography’s one of my main hobbies, and my creativity carries over into problem-solving. i’m quite innovative (i come up with unique approaches to fixing things), and i’m always organizing and reworking old systems.

πŸ’— conversational!

blog me: i love chatting! it could be about my life, about blogging, or anything fun.
real life me: yes! this goes along with what i said about enthusiasm: if you wanna chat, i probably wanna chat πŸ˜‚

πŸ’— loves the color pink!

blog me: you know it lol! my adoration for pink tends to be lilac/primrose on my blog, but almost any shade of pink will do haha.
real life me: oh yeah! i love blush pink and dusty rose (with some gold and rose gold accents thrown in!).

πŸ’— happy!

blog me: yeah! i love spreading positivity and smiles everywhere i go β˜€οΈ
real life me: yas!! i look more serious and intense when i’m focused (i.e. in a rush at work lol), but overall i love being productive, spending time with the people i love, and making fun plans. i love smiling and laughing!

πŸ’— laughing!

blog me: absotoodalutey! i have an entire funny category, which you can check out here. i love making you guys laugh and laughing at the jokes you tell!
real life me: yas haha! if you’ve listened to my podcast, you’ve heard me laugh at my own jokes, funny observations, and more. i’ll act all sorts of goofy, funny, with some sarcasm to get laughs from the people i care about.

this was a lot of fun!! thanks so much for reading, this was an epic post to write 😍

how are you different
irl and on your blog?

21 thoughts on “real life me vs. the blogging me!”

  1. I feel like I’m definitely more talkative and outgoing on my blog than in real life. I’m actually pretty introverted and shy irl, but I feel like it’s different when I’m on my blog.

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    1. same! I’m more comfortable overall chatting with everyone online. it takes more time and effort for me to enjoy talking to people irl. blogging helps me a lot socially 😊

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  2. For some reason, I am way less chipper and funny on my blog according to most people irl. 😌Anyhow, I loved reading this post, Maggie, and I might steal the idea from you some time if you don’t mind. πŸ˜‰ 😜

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    1. wat!! haha i find that blogging helps me to be more authentic. which is awesome but then irl people think i’m being fake on my blog lol, which isn’t true!
      absolutely! i’d love to read that πŸ˜‚

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  3. I think I’m different irl and on my blog 😱 because irl, I tend to be kinda shy (my whole class thinks I don’t have a personality πŸ˜‚) but on my blog and WP in general (also around my friends) I do have a personality, quite a outgoing one! I also laugh a lot with my friends /blog friends , not much around people I don’t know. this was such a great idea! do you mind if I try it? (I’ll give you and Nehal credit πŸ™‚ feel free to say no! your personality is so fun though πŸ’–πŸ€—

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    1. wat!! you have a beautiful, fun personality! πŸ’– i get it tho – the people i don’t open to think i’m kinda dull πŸ˜‚ or don’t talk enough lol. not true at all!
      that’s awesome! it’s amazing how much blogging helps us to be ourselves. it’s incredible πŸ’ž
      yas absolutely! idk if nehal came up with it, but you could say you found the idea on my blog and hers! 😊 aw thanks! yours is too πŸ’œ

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  4. Somehow, (unpopular opinion alert) I feel like I’m much more talkative in real life than on my blog. I can go on blabbering spontaneously in front of a crowd. But when it comes to writing a post, I turn totally blank!! All those words just disappear… I’m working on changing that though 😭
    It was great getting to know you better!! I totally adore how you express yourself so well.❀️
    Also, can’t wait to listen to your podcastsss! Will go and listen to them NOW (new to your blog hehe)
    But srsly, AMAZING POST!!πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

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    1. huh! that’s cool 😊 it can take a while to getting in a blogging groove, so i understand!
      aw thank you! that means a lot 😍 and thanks! i hope you enjoy my podcast πŸ’•
      thank you again!!

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