a photoshoot with a beautiful tree πŸ’• ft. my new squishmallow! πŸ

hi guys!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍 i bring you a bonus post today because i took some beautiful pictures yesterday!

i’ve really been in the mood to share a photography post, especially one with a stuffie! so after work, i went and bought a new squishmallow (whom i’ll reveal at the end of this post πŸ˜πŸ’•)! while walking back to the car, i passed a goRGEOUS TREE that reminded me spring’s almost here! yay!! (also my sneezing has returned heeh so allegra, here i come)

i’m so happy with these pictures, so let’s check them out!

a photoshoot with
a beautiful tree

it was one of the only ones in this shopping center that was blooming! 😍🌸

my iphone identified this as a prunus (flowering cherry) tree!

if you’d like to use any of these pics for graphics on your blog, please do! just give me credit in the post or on your sidebar (wherever the graphic is) and you’re good 😍

surprisingly all these pics were taken at 5 pm! i almost never take photos at this time of day, so it was fun to do nature photography around sunset, since the colors and lighting are different.

i feel like these pics make the tree look much larger than it was irl, haha! i think the xr blurring the background (which is so gorgeous!!) gives it a larger appearance


i took it without being able to see the.. viewfinder (my phone screen lol) because some branches were in the way and a little bee was buzzing around my face. so i stuck my hand over at the trunk and captured this. the outcome is beautiful!

i found myself wondering multiple times: what will someone think if they see me taking these pics? especially when i pulled out my stuffie, i felt quite awkward. BUT! i persevered and i’m so glad i did πŸ˜ŽπŸ’• this photoshoot was so worth it!

the shadows in this one are a bit longer (and the one before this one was over-exposed, lol!) i love how it gives the appearance that you’re in the tree hehe

i really like this pic for some reason! it discloses the shooting location and looks almost like a spring promo for the white car in the background, haha. it combines beauty and reality really well!

alright let’s meet my squishie! 😍

this is sunny!! she’s a happy bumblebee who loves nature, being cheerful, and springtime. she can’t wait to star in more posts on my blog!

thanks soo much for reading! i really loved writing this post and i hope you enjoyed reading it!

which pic/s were your fave?
what photoshoot should i do next?

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