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my blogging must-haves

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles πŸ’™

i was looking through my blog brainstorming notes and chose this post to write today! i’m chatting about my blogging must-haves 😍

they’re broken into two main categories: the electronics i need to physically be able to blog, and the design tools necessary to run maggie’s doodles! i use all these things most (if not all) days, and i love getting to create with them.

let’s check them out!

by the way: a new podcast episode went live today! you can listen to it on anchor, spotify, or apple podcasts.

my blogging

my iphone // i respond to comments, outline blog posts, take pictures, communicate for blog collabs, and use digital design apps with my iphone XR! it’s faster than my laptop, and i love how easy it is to use emojis hehe (my chromebook’s getting old and it takes forever for the emoji box to pop up πŸ™ƒ NINE SECONDS i just counted- it always throws my writing rhythm lol)

rookiecam // i’ve been using this *epic* app since 2014!! WAT (i’m so old lol) it has my favorite fonts, epic heart stickers!!, and of course beautiful photo filters. it makes my photographer/designer dreams come true all the time 😍

canva // i appreciate this app so much for its graphics! it helps me to theme my featured images, and sometimes i’ll browse the fonts when i’m looking for a special type rookiecam doesn’t have. i use rookiecam much more than canva, not just because i’m used to it, but also because the sheer amount of design possibilities on canva overwhelms me easily. (also all the cool stuff is locked??)

superimpose // this is one of those design apps that’s purely technical (well aside from colorizing my featured images), but i adore it! i’ve also been using superimpose since 2014, so i’m really acquainted with how to use it. (but there’s still stuff i’ve never experimented with! ooh that could be a post)

notes // i use my phone notes for some post organization and references! i don’t have a system i’m happy with currently, but i’m on my way πŸ‘ they’re so easy to pull up and i want to utilize them for blogging more!

my laptop // it’s kinda getting frustrating since its speed is becoming less speedy lol, but anyway! for the most part, i appreciate my laptop because i do most of my post-writing on it 😊

sharpies! // i thought of this one last second! for doodle lyrics and other blog graphics, i love having sharpies to design with πŸ’–

a notebook // another organization method i haven’t mastered lol, but hey that’s ok! i like being able to plan and brainstorm with my phone, laptop, and notebook because it gives me variety. i’d like to work on organizing a blog notebook more

my blog binder // last but not least hehe πŸ˜‚ i started it about a year ago and i love it, but i still gotta work on it! it’s a fun visual way to look back on blog stuff i’ve completed, as well as looking ahead at future plans and ideas.

thanks so much for reading! i had a lot of fun chatting about this today, and i’d love to hear about your blogging must-haves!

what are your essentials
for blogging?

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