my favorite tv shows!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles ✨ i just rescued this post idea from the archives! 📂💕 (i meant to hit another emoji, but that file one works too 😂) (and by archives, i mean my phone’s camera roll!)

i’m sharing my favorite tv shows with you today! they’re ones i grew up watching, some i still turn on today, and others i haven’t watched in a long time. it will be fun to reminisce today!

i just noticed in my notes that i didn’t include *any* pbs kids shows. how?? very weird haha

by the way, those kitties in the featured image have nothing to do with the post lol. but they’re so cute! 💕

anyhoo let’s get right to it!

my favorite tv shows!

  • I Love Lucy // this show 😍😍 haha so many quotable and iconic moments! lucy and ricky are hilarious together, and ethel and fred bantering are very funny too. some of my favorite episodes are ‘the black eye,’ ‘lucy does a tv commercial,’ ‘the fur coat,’ and ‘lucy’s schedule’! i love how having this show on feels like you invited some of your friends over. getting to watch and listen to their misadventures is always a blast!
  • Home Improvement // this one cracks me up!! tim allen is really funny, and every scene jonathan taylor thomas is in is perfect haha.
  • The Munsters // it’s both nostalgic and kinda creepy, hehe! i like watching it from time to time. the show looks more menacing at first, but all of the characters are chill and don’t act monstrous
  • Murder, She Wrote // i’d recommend this one ages 12+ (and even then please ask your parents). most of the episodes focus on the characters and mystery, not the actual deaths. i like it when mystery shows and movies aren’t gruesome! angela lansbury’s character is amazing, and oh my goodness jerry orbach’s and len cariou’s!
  • Spongebob // bro i was obsessed with spongebob for years haha! i don’t watch the newer seasons though. it got weirder and weirder as the show aged, if that’s possible. my fave episode by far is ‘graveyard shift’!
  • AFV // overall this show is awesome! i’m not a fan of most of the hosts though haha, and most of the time i’m not up for all the clips of people getting hurt, because i don’t find that funny. BUT- i’ve loved this show on and off for a while haha (just being real)
  • Poirot // recommended for ages 16+! this mystery show gets more intense and graphic than ‘murder, she wrote.’ i don’t even like most poirot episodes, but the ones i do like (death on the nile, evil under the sun, triangle at rhodes) are incredibly brilliant.
  • Full House // i didn’t grow up watching it so i don’t have huge feelings for the show (if that makes sense?), but uncle jesse and joey and dj- i love their characters!
  • The Brady Bunch // i did grow up watching this one! i love the first 3 seasons so much and i’ve watched the episodes over and over again. my fave episode is ‘to move or not to move,’ and my fave characters are peter, alice, and mike!
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch // this is like a teenage sitcom and it’s really great! some of it’s too cheesy or repetitive for me, but overall i love it.
  • American Ninja Warrior // i’ve watched this one different summers with my fam when it was on TV! it’s pretty good.

fave pbs shows!

i had to include this section!! pbs was my childhood

  • Arthur // overall had such a heavy focus on school and relationships i couldn’t relate to, but many episodes were iconic hehe
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog // AHHH i loved this one! t-bone was amazinggg
  • Cyberchase // all the lessons they were trying to teach about math went right over me head, but otherwise- hehe (like the bad guy’s voiced by christohper lloyd- ICONIC)
  • Clifford’s Puppy Days // watched this one less than the main show, so it’s less nostalgic and little me had a hard time connecting the plot lines.. i spent most of the show not knowing what to picture when they said ‘dachshund’ haha (i was like ‘doxson’??)
  • Sesame Street // OH MY GUSH i feel like i grew up on this street. elmo, grover, mr hooper, big bird, kermit, cookie monster, zoe- EE
  • Super Why // i seriously wanted reading super powers while watching this show haha!
  • WordGirl // i got annoyed by this show more than once, but overall it was pretty good
  • Word World // STILL ICONIC-
  • Dinosaur Train // i have a very strong memory of watching a dinosaur train marathon on halloween while waiting to go trick or treating haha~
  • Wild Kratts // further strengthened my love for animals~ and the kratt brothers are EPIC ok haha
  • Martha Speaks // OK PROBABLY MY FAVE 👏👏
  • Ruff Ruffman // i LOVED this one too!
  • Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood // couldn’t find it on the list i was looking at for some reason? maybe because it was reruns? ANYWAY- absolutely incredible. he was like a grandfather to me and i love him so much

ok this post is long enough haha! thank you so much for reading, i had a lot of fun writing this today 😊

please let me know in the comments!:

what are your fave tv shows?
do we have any in common?

38 thoughts on “my favorite tv shows!”

    1. ahh from what i remember, there’s a little bit of innuendo (hidden adult jokes), but it’s not too bad imo. it’s definitely not the best show i’ve seen but some of the characters (especially salem and hilda) are iconic 😂 i think it’s worth a watch!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I watched ALL those PBS shows. Alsoooo Curious George was not on your list…

    My FAVORITE TV show is Agents of Shield. And recently I’ve watched The Office which at first I was like…this show is so overrated but now I’m like…that’s a pretty good show.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sponge Bob is amazingly weird😂
    Sabrina the teenage witch – the first thing people think of when I introduce myself😆. I’ve never watched it tho🤷‍♀️
    Yeah American Ninja Warrior is pretty good😗
    I love PBS🎉🎉 It’s nice to watch something that doesn’t have unnecessary drama and pg13 things in it and PBS is just amazing 👌🏼. I must say, you have good TV taste Maggie😂😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So sorry for the late reply 🙏🏼!!! I didn’t see the comment🙈
        I wasn’t gonna say anything about sounding old but since you mentioned it….😂😂. Nah I’m just joking, it doesn’t sound old – not too old😉🤭


  3. My family loves to watch ANW in the summers as well.
    It’s funny that I’m reading this post today because I was in the car with a friend yesterday and we were talking about shows we used to watch and their theme songs. I think I watched most of those pbs kids shows plus Curious George and VeggieTales.

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