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reviewing: 5 fun games!

hiya! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💜 today i’m reviewing five adorable games my friend ev sent me! 😍 thanks for the suggestions girlie!

real quick: evin is an incredibly talented blogger who’s so creative and inspiring. i love her and her blog! definitely drop by to say hi, you can tell her i sent you 👋

let’s try these games!

reviewing: 5 fun games!

first we got adorable home!

PS: please don’t download this game if you’re under 17. they include some unnecessarily mature themes, so… yeah

i get to pick my character 😍 obviously i chose the one with a fun-loving personality 😂👏

and we got my partner! i named him trevor. i’ve liked that name for a long time so, yeah 😂 (it would be SO amazing if that’s my future hubby’s name! like YAS please)

we have a little cat named snow 😍👏 yaaas

the game’s currency is… love? what the world

ahh. what a lovely… house! haha the center of the home is a blank wall. so many possibilities huh

so in the game, my life consists of caring for my cat, collecting love, and decorating my home. life is GOOD 🤩💖

except that my cat… doesn’t like baths… or when i pet it…

imma get snow a cat friend!

AWW she’s so cute. welcome to the family, niki! (she also gets firebolts when i pet her)

opinion: i was kinda hoping the game was gonna be more open world (i didn’t get to spend any time with trevor 😔😂), but it has a pretty fixed lineup of objectives. nothing wrong with that; just my expectations haha. the graphics are so cute!

aside from the moody cat, it’s a pretty good game 😂

next we have… CLAWBERTA! another super cute game by hyperbeard 😎❤️

i actually downloaded this one and hadn’t tried it yet after reviewing clawbert! so now i definitely gotta play it

i LOVE the colors!!

the menu’s a bit different from clawbert’s and axolochi’s. a little less cute…

lol! this dog!

is that a different language? really can’t tell haha

every time clawberta makes a grab, she goes “YAAAY!” super enthusiastically (almost aggressively?) 😂💕 i was used to clawbert’s cute little “woo-hoo!”


opinion: i must say clawbert is more my style! but this does make a great sister game for that iconic app 😍💞

up next… happy hop! it’s so CUTE!

AWW! it’s wearing a cute little fish/frog outfit! 😆💚


i got to 100+ levels!

it was pretty fun! it gets repetitive quick, but it’s still a fun play 😌💞 i’ll do it from time to time!

the fourth game on our list is kleptodogs! AHH and it’s by hyperbeard! (who’s quickly becoming one of my favorite game developers)

woo they look a bit crazy. and the colors remind me of zombie apocalypse games haha

“where he at”? what the world lol

i’ll have to play this game a bit more to see how i like it!

for our final game, we have… good pizza great pizza! pizza’s always good, so we’ll have to check out this game

it’s pretty fun! the competition across the street from my pizza place was quite hostile lol, but anyway. 🤣 it’s a cute game with soft colors and an easy objective! (also, the customer that said i was a gosh dang beautiful person? iconic haha)

i ended up getting to day *50* but had to delete the game because topping the pizzas was hurting my wrists heh… oh well. it was fun while it lasted!

thanks for reading! this was a SUPER fun post to write, and it took me quite a while to put together too lol. #worthit!

see you next time!

have you played
any of these games?
what games should
i play next?

17 thoughts on “reviewing: 5 fun games!”

  1. I have not played any of these games. I’m not really a gamer person. But I have played some fun games. One of my favorites is EverRun. That little description is from a song by Stix. Mr. Roboto. You can look it up. It is a pretty cool song.

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