body image: redefining beautiful in our own eyes

hey guys! while watching uncharted at the theater a few days ago (which is an incredible movie btw, fully recommend 🤩), a thought struck me.

and it began with a negative comparison.

one of the women in the movie has the “perfect” physique. her arms are perfectly defined, with the beautiful definition of strong muscles and power. her clothes really suited her, and the way she walked and held herself was a striking one full of confidence. her hair and makeup were also perfect.

so my thoughts were going “man, i wish i looked like that. i bet i could if i tried. what could i change about my diet to look like her? if i started doing arm workouts all the time, i could achieve that. i should wear more makeup so i’m more pleasing to look at. what can i cut out of my diet to be that thin?

and all this time i’m also trying to keep up with the movie’s plot and admire tom holland haha

but that’s when a positive, supporting thought hit me.

(and it wasn’t about tom but those thoughts are positive too)

i thought: “what if i don’t try to look like someone else? i love my body shape the way it is. i love being me. i can be comfortable in my own body and embrace who i am.”

it really felt revolutionary.

because i hadn’t acknowledged that deep down, i was always wanting to be a different person. in fact i’m often surprised when people like me for who i am. you know why? because i didn’t have that inner self-acceptance. i wanted to be someone else. i thought that was admirable, but in fact it was slowly destroying me.

i’ve thought that my best qualities were things i’d picked up from other people… so it didn’t really feel like me. cause you know how when you admire someone, and you appreciate qualities about them, you pick up some of those traits yourself? i felt inauthentic because my role models and friends have helped shape who i am.

but that’s part of being human.

we learn by example and we make our own narrative in life.

so it felt really exciting and wonderful to think of loving myself for who i am! instead of having those well one day i’ll love myself thoughts, i’m stoked about enjoying my qualities, characteristics, and strengths.

positive progress is attainable instead of impossible.

because when i love myself, i’m able to see how many things i’m doing right, which gives me the strength to work through what i need and want to fix.

instead of having the glow-up mentality, which is so far out of reach, starting with who i am is the perfect place to be!

i hope this could encourage and inspire you, even if it’s in some small way!

thanks so much for reading!! 😍💖 let me know if you’d like to read more posts like this. if you have a topic idea, a question you’d like answered, etc, i’d love to write about it!

what is it about you
that you find beautiful?

24 thoughts on “body image: redefining beautiful in our own eyes”

  1. this is such a unspoken topic. I think a lot of people on social media, for example show them working out, eating healthy, their “that girl” morning routine, etc. and a lot of people (especially tweens and teens!) start thinking that they need to also do that to be like that other person. this post was such an eye-opener! also you are stunning, just the way you are. physically and mentally. you’re such a happy, chirpy person and we’re all lucky to have you 💕

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    1. yes 💖 there’s a balance with sharing the highs and lows in life on social media. it always helps readers and followers when influencers find the balance! 🥰
      thank you so much for reading! aww i appreciate that so much 😍💖 i’m so glad we’re blog friends!

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  2. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, this is gold. This is such an amazing post and I’m so thrilled you posted it. This topic NEEDS to be discussed more! I think it’s appropriate that this was posted during eating disorder awareness week! Not that it was the main reason for this post, but the comparison of physical features can sadly lead to an eating disorder. We were created EXACTLY how God wanted us to be. Our appearance is such a small part of who we are, so why would we spend our lives trying to change it or hate it?

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    1. aww! 💖💖 thank you! 🥰 it truly does!
      oh wow, i didn’t even know it was that week! that’s really fitting.
      yes! 💜 it’s who the Lord created us to be on the inside that shines on the outside 🥰

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  3. I am really glad you addressed this as unfortunately about 8 months ago my friend started getting convinced she was fat. She ended up getting anorexia and is now in hospital really ill. It has lead her to kindney problems, weight problems, heart problems and back problems. Whenever I think badly about myself I remind myself of that. So I do think this is a really important topic!

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    1. oh i’m so sorry ❤️ yes most of the time we see the “pretty” side of people living our dream lives, but we hardly ever see the behind the scenes, or what eventually happens to them. i hope your friend gets better. 💖
      yes it’s so important!

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  4. Admiring Tom Holland. Trying to have Zendaya come after you😂
    This is an amazing post and yes we should love ourselves for who we are. It’s fine to admire people because everyone is beautiful but someone else’s beauty should never be a beauty standard for yourself. I find my eyebrows and lips very beautiful. Oh and dimples🎉

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  5. I feel like the world has been putting people in different groups just because of what they look like and not of their personality. But the only opinion that matters in the world is yours. So everyone should just appreciate themselves and love who they are. Have a great day everyone!

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