come on a trip to zoo atlanta with me!

hello! welcome back to my blog ๐Ÿ’š i went to the zoo with my family recently! we had a lot of fun and i took a bunch of awesome pictures ๐Ÿ˜

this post is *startlingly* long, so i’d recommend reading it on your laptop! click here to view it outside of the Reader.

let’s go!

come on a trip to
zoo atlanta with me!

first of all, we barely made it! we got there within 15 minutes of the last ticket sale, so the pressure was HIGH haha

car ride selfie!

me and samuel!

we’re in! the first exhibit has the flamingos, and i always love seeing them. this pic of the girls looking at them turned out beautiful!

the raw file for this photo was 6 MEGABYTES. *cri* my media library can’t handle all the pink awesomeness haha

i just had to take this selfie – i said the cheetahs look like they could be on ‘five nights at zoo atlanta’ bahaha!

i love these guys! they’re some moody vultures and honestly, i can relate sometimes. (i totally didn’t just say that)

LOOK AT THIS BOI. i came up, said hi and was going to take a pic with him, and he had the audacity to turn around. the nerve-

then he realized he was passing up a golden opportunity!

this is the closest i’ve ever gotten to a rhino!! it was super cool (there’s glass, very thick glass, i promise)

ya can barely see dis hah, but an albino peacock!! super cool!

sweepy pandaaaa

hehe you can *just* see his face!

you have to look hard lol, but there’s a kookaburra! they’re one of my favorite birds

i love my phone cameraaa

i don’t know why i posed with this one like this. i told my fam the little elephant looked like he was having a rough day, so i gave him head pats and a selfie haha

kory bustards! they have the strangest name but they also look epic.

it’s time to check out the reptiles!

we’re entering the reptile & amphibian section of this post, so you can stop here if you want! i personally love snakes and lizards and frogs are really cool, so i’m gonna share some awesome pics

THIS PIC. WHY did they give this lizard that scenic backdrop haha!!! he looks like he’s having the time of his life

these poison dart frogs hehe! they all looked a little grouchy which is honestly a vibe

my dad actually helped *make* this awesome exhibit! he helped pour the concrete for the building and exhibits, so the experience is extra special for us.

AAAAHH this is one of my favorite snakes! what a beautiful shade of green

lol then we have THIS masterpiece!

i can’t with this snake. why would he let water droplets sit on him like that lol?? the pic is SUPER cool tho

another epic pic! the foliage in the bottom right of the pic look like i put a sparkle effect on them, which i did not haha

mr. masterpiece at his finest!

here’s water droplet snake again, featuring his friend/food: a poison dart frog. they seemed to be vibing, but idk how long that will last…

EEEE i was stoked when this one got right up alongside the glass! picture time!

those scales are MM beautiful

and he had a buddy! i assume she’s chilling because she ate more recently… maybe

i thought the sky looked super cool!

bathroom selfie! i took this right after dropping my coat on the bathroom floor. good times!

the jellyfish is kinda cool, but there aren’t any at the zoo…?

so. um. did you guys know how BIG lions’ eyes are?? i’ve NEVER been this close to one before, and their entire faces are humongous.

the sunset was epic!



thanks so much for reading!

which pic/s were
your favorite?
what are your
fave animals?

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