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a pretty pink photoshoot! πŸ’– || valentine’s day special with angie & friends

hello all you beautiful people!! my name is angie. i’m a happy little pink bear who loves all things pink! πŸ’•

when maggie found out valentine’s day is my favorite holiday, she invited me to host a holiday special for valentine’s day on her BLOG! isn’t that amazing? i sure am excited!

say, i just realized. what is the actual history of valentine’s day?

i’m gonna look it up! πŸ˜„

there’s a lot of speculation and stories about the origin of valentine’s day. from saints named valentine to a priest pulling names from a jar, it has a long history of possibilities! πŸ˜‚ either way, i think the modern holiday is super fun and beautiful. i mean, pink hearts, candies, CHOCOLATE, and nice letters? πŸ’Œ oh- and flowers! πŸ’

i have a very special surprise for you! two of my FRIENDS are joining me today!

welcome… minnie and lucy-may!

minnie: hello friends!! i’m so happy to see you today! i’m a new buddy of maggie’s, and i love spending time with her and her friends. my valentine’s message is: share a smile with someone today!

lucy-may: hi there! i’m a unillama of maggie’s and i love baking cookies, eating cookies, and chatting with my friends! i have a valentine’s message too, and that is: live the life you love!

it’s me – angie again! ooh, a valentine’s message? i like that! great idea, guys! let me think of mine… take care of yourself today! πŸ’–

did you know february is a great time to evaluate your goals for the year? you can check in with what you want to accomplish and keep yourself accountable! maggie actually wrote a post about goal-setting, which you can check out here.

it’s great to hang out with your friends on valentine’s day! you guys can try new chocolates together, exchange cards, hug each other, talk about happy life changes, and so much more.

and look!! we got to spend time with maggie this valentine’s day doing this awesome photoshoot 😍

we wrote a poem to share with you today!

valentine’s day is so much fun,
when we get to go spend time in the sun
taking care of each other makes us all happy,
maybe we can share a holiday frappe!

maggie: guys uh… frappe doesn’t actually rhyme with happy 🀭
angie: oh, lol! oh well πŸ˜‚

look friends! for the final part of this post, my brother jack is joining us for a few minutes! you’ve been on maggie’s blog before, right?

jack: oh yeah!! i did a really fun fall finale. those pics were incredible.

awesome! so what do you love about valentine’s day?

jack: uh… the chocolate. especially caramel-filled ones πŸ˜€

but jack, how about the pink hearts and handwritten letters and flowers?

jack: uh… well you see…

don’t worry guys, i’ll convice jack to love valentine’s day – eventually. πŸ˜‚

thank you for joining us! we hope you have a lovely, beautiful, happy valentine’s day, and we’ll talk to you again soon!

here are some bonus pics from the photoshoot!:

hey guys! maggie here! πŸ˜‚ this was SUCH a fun photoshoot to do + post to write, and i hope you enjoyed it! happy valentine’s day from me and my little buddies πŸ’–

which pic/s were your fave?
what are your fave valentine’s
chocolate flavors?
(have y’all ever tried
raspberry creme?? 😍)

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