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inky’s custom contest! 🧡

hey guys! so i *just* found out about the contest inky is hosting…? 😂 i have no idea how it flew under my radar for a month. but i gotta participate! it matches my blog and i had a really cool doodle idea for it 👍


  • add the featured image on the start of the post (but you can make your own design, and place mine at the end.
  • follow the selected categories: writing, painting, designing or baking.
  • max three entries (but you can only win one)
  • for writing, max words is 350. it also has to be family friendly.
  • for painting+ designing ; make sure it’s kid friendly. if you’re unsure; send it over to my gmail.
  • when paste (ing?) the logo; make sure to add the copyright credits. (caption)
  • use “inky’s custom contest” tag in the post.

my design:

ahhhh this is so CUTE!! this is the first time i’ve doodled a map like this, and i LOVE IT 😍 i wrote ‘doodle city,’ doodled the library, and expanded from there! i adored mapping out the little roads, and the market, and the TRAFFIC LIGHTS EEEE


*not sure if you guys have been nominated or participated yet haha, but if you’re interested i’d love to see your entries!

thanks for reading! i loved participating in this contest! good luck to all the participants! 🎉

do you like drawing maps?
have you entered inky’s contest?

37 thoughts on “inky’s custom contest! 🧡”

    1. the categories are either writing (under 350 words), designing, painting, or… making a recipe? i can’t remember lol. but yeah anything from those categories!
      aw thanks! 😍


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