snapshots from my week | mini scrunchies, van gogh trees, and some scallions

hi there! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 i’m doing snapshots every other monday right now! so today you get to scroll through the past two weeks of my life 😍

i thought it was so cute when izzy wanted to set baby garfield up in this car seat! he’s been my favorite stuffed animal since i got him when i was 10 😍 (i love my squishmallows too hehe)

i’ve been loving writing in my french study journal lately! (i did a post here sharing a peek inside) it’s helping with my comprehension, i get to do handlettering and cute doodles, and it’s super fun to curate a journal!

i’ve been enjoying doing different activities with samuel, elizabeth, and izzy! we play pretend, watch movies, play games, and chat about stuff. they’re great buddies!

i found this CUTIE while shopping last week!! she’s very adorable and i’m thinking about getting her. probably won’t, since i’m saving money. but STILL 😍

i have a lot of leftover selfies from my january selfie challenge haha! this was one of them 🧡 one of my favorite times to take selfies is once i’ve gotten ready for the day!

i drew the scallions from veggietales with some crayons!! idk why i thought to draw them with the sunset in the background, but it turned out pretty legendary 😂💖 i loved watching veggietales as a kid, and now izzy and elizabeth love it too!

ahh a bathroom selfie! you can tell from my surroundings that it was spur-of-the-moment lol, which makes it special in its own way. i do curated, organized photography all the time, so this was a nice change!

some little dolls my sisters got came with ADORABLE teenie scrunchies! 😍 i love demmm

look at this beautiful late afternoon sky! 💙 those clouds are so pretty!

and here’s the sky a bit later! 🤩

can i just say… i had a rough week/week and a half! i was thinking about working, money problems, and stress my family has going on. but i will say, now that i’ve made it through all that, i’m encouraged and inspired for the future. we all have hard days, but the easy days? the ones that are uplifting and awesome and fun? make life amazing 💖

so the newer iphones have this really cool feature where photos tries to identify people, plants, books, and more! i got STOKED when i saw this pic i took last fall was identified as… wait for it… a VAN GOGH PAINTING!! am i awesome, or is van gogh awesome for being able to make a tree painting that looks like real trees! you got me haha

izzy’s so cute! she had fun playing around at the park 😄

my selfie challenge has really gotten me into doing these mini photoshoots haha! for this one, i was hanging out with samuel and elizabeth while our mom was in the doctor’s office with joshua and isabella. we were chilling walking around, and i had the idea to take some selfies in the pretty sunshine 🌻

this is a hilarious way to end this post haha, but look what i found! all of these toys were under furniture in our living room. so the girls were quite excited to be reunited with their little friends! 😍

thanks so much for reading! this snapshots post ended up being quite longer than usual. i have this goal (that i keep not reaching haha) to write shorter posts, but sometimes i just can’t help it! 😂 ah well. i’ll keep on writing posts of varying length lol

which picture/s were your favorite?
what did you do last week?

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