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all things bookish | books i read in jan 2022 ft. baby yoda!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 📚 today we’re talking about books!!

it’s been almost a year since i did a bookish post 😂 (you can read the last one here) so it’s time to chat about what i read again!

i have a special guest star to help me today! i’m so excited about getting to feature him on my blog 😍

let’s get started!

books i read
in jan 2022
ft. baby yoda!

hey guys!! i’m maggie’s friend baby yoda 😍💚 today i’m helping her write her next bookish post! hooray! she said it’s been a long time since she wrote about books, so this is exciting. i can’t want to show you what she read in january!

it’s cold outside today. it’s windy here in georgia! maggie said it’s late winter. boy, my ears are kinda getting cold! and maggie’s fingers are cold from typing this post 😂

alright, on to the books!

the first book of the year is ‘anne of green gables’! maggie has read the abridged version before, but this was her first time reading the whole book! she loved the plot, her fave characters are gilbert, matthew, and anne, and she can’t wait to keep reading the series.

it looks like such a great read! like a very cozy book to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy following along with the adventures of these characters. 💚 also the cover’s green, and that’s my favorite color!

maggie helped me hold the book open 👏😂

ooh we have an inspirational book next!!

maggie has a funny story for this book: she read it thinking it was a re-read! 🤣 but it wasn’t! she read ‘life’s journeys according to mister rogers,’ not ‘the world according to mister rogers.’ so… that’s a win i guess!

look i fell on the ground and got a leaf on me 😌🤣

maggie loves reading mr. rogers’ books! his quotes on life are inspirational and make her feel cheerful. he’s one of her top authors to turn to when looking for inspiration! 💖

yaaay book #3! ‘anne of avonlea’ continues the tales of anne. maggie really liked this one too! since she read the first two books close together, she’s starting to mix them up… oh she really liked the character miss lavender! and anne being a teacher was fun to read about.

look i found this bookmark of maggie’s! it looks nice

another mister rogers book haha! maggie didn’t mean for it to happen this way. but she gets in genre/author moods and likes to go with it!

‘many ways to say i love you’ offered a unique look at mister rogers’ life as an educator helper. he loved working with kids, writing songs, and running the mister rogers’ neighborhood show! maggie enjoyed this book, but liked the ‘world’ one by him a bit more.

this was so fun maggie! thanks for having me here! 😍💚 happy reading!

yaaay that was fun! i loved reading all those books in january, and i can’t wait to see what books i’ll enjoy next! 😍

what books did you finish
recently? what books are
you reading right now?

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