doodle lyrics // i’m fine ~ bts


hey guys! so back in august~ ib had a song request!

now if you know ib, you know she’s an awesome blogger. so obviously she had an awesome song request, too!

(she recently shared a relatable post here, it was so inspiring to read!)

a doodle lyrics post taking me ✨ five months to complete ✨ is a bit much. BUT IT TURNED OUT BEAUTIFULLY

today i doodled ‘i’m fine’ by bts! 👏👏👏 LET’S GOOO

i’m fine ~ bts

eeee! wasn’t that BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE? 😍💙

here’s the english translation btw!

I’m opening my eyes
under the sky that’s so blue it’s cold
The out-pouring sunlight makes me feel dizzy
I can feel it so easily that I’m alive

that was my first time writing in hangul! i messed up on two strokes i know of tehe, and many more that i’m sure are beyond my comprehension 😂 i’d love to know from someone who can read korean if my writing’s legible!

super special thanks to this wattpad… article? story?… for helping me with the translation and lyric placement! since i can’t read korean, i had to find out where one lyric ends and the other begins. so that helped me so much!!

writing the lyrics in korean added a special touch to the artwork in this post! it was a lot of fun. now i’m brainstorming other songs i can do in other languages as well!

if you’re a bts fan, i’d love to know what you think! did the colors and doodles match the vibe of the song? would they like it if they saw it? hehe

let’s chat!
how did i do
writing in hangul? 😂
any song requests?

16 thoughts on “doodle lyrics // i’m fine ~ bts”

  1. I’m fine has really nice lyrics and as your first try you did very well writing in hangul 👍And the colors matched the theme of the song well, they also used similar colors in some of the performances so I liked it a lot😊💜

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  2. Dude that’s so awesome! And I feel like most people would just do the English translation but I really appreciate that you went the extra mile and did Hangul lyrics! (even though I didn’t know there was such a language til just now lol)

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    1. aw thanks!! yaaas i thought it would be super cool to doodle the song in all its glory, haha 😂💕 (haha! i just learned it’s called hangul… idk if you’re supposed to call it that or korean 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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  3. Omgggg Maggie! I completely forgot about this🥺 and it came at the right time. I had a somewhat sad night so seeing this really brightened my night. Your Hangul is actually really nice and the doodles are so cute! Thank you🥺🤍

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