maggie’s reviews: making my favorite frozen chinese dish!

hey guys! welcome to maggie’s doodles 😍 i’m making dinner for my family right now, and i thought it would be fun to bring you along!

i love making frozen chinese dinners! i have some favorites and i love trying new ones as well 💖

tonight i’m making general tso chicken, brown rice, veggie egg rolls, and some little chinese veggie appetizers!

first thing i do is measure out the rice! i use a measuring cup, then pour the amount i’m making into a bowl. it’s pretty easy to measure out rice – the pot isn’t going to mind if you’re a few grains short 😂

i love brown rice with chinese dishes much more than white rice! it really compliments the flavor of the sauces 😋

i like to use as few dishes/utensils as possible when cooking and baking, so i’m going to use this same cup in a moment to measure the water!

here i am, lol! this pot with the glass lid is AMAZING because it allows me to check the rice bubbles! (which i’ll explain in a sec)

once the water’s boiling, i turn the heat to low, take off the lid and add the rice. i stir it around a bit, so none of the rice immediately sticks to the bottom, then i return the lid!

tonight i made 1 1/2 cups of rice in 3 cups of water. how do you say that… 1 part rice to 2 parts water? something like that haha

the rice takes nearly an hour 😂 so once we get a bit closer to the time of rice completion (say, in 25-30 minutes), we can get started on the chicken and appetizers!

✨ *comes back 25 minutes later* ✨

look at the rice bubbles!! once those go down, the rice will be done 7-10 minutes after that point.

i’m getting the egg rolls ready! i love the brand chung’s, they make amazing appetizers 😍 their veggie spring rolls are EPIC, and i really like their veggie egg rolls as well!

all of the chung’s appetizers i got recently were part of a ‘buy one get one’ free deal at publix! it was exciting to get a great deal on a product i already love 😄

tonight we’re trying these for the first time! the money bags are adorable, and the samosas and wontons look great as well. can’t wait to see how they are!

egg rolls are in the oven! i was hoping to make all the appetizers together, but the cooking temp was 100 degrees apart, haha. so the egg rolls go first!

to thaw the sauces, i put them in a bowl of hot water! the only thing that disappoints me about the chung’s brand so far is how little sauce they give for the amount of appetizers…

here’s the brand of general tso chicken we get! we’ve enjoyed getting innovasian meals for a long time. i only just started liking general tso because i found that i can enjoy the amazing flavor and cut the heat by drinking milk after each bite! 😂 it’s crazy – i like how a lot of spicy food tastes, but the heat makes me cry and my nose stuffy. so i employ milk to help me haha

the frozen chicken is going in the microwave! i’m making two boxes so there’s enough for me, joshua, and our parents. i heat the chicken plates for 3 minutes each, then add sauce and heat again for an additional 2 minutes.

(oh my gosh, i just noticed you can see the box i dropped on the floor baha)

i try to time everything so that by the time the rice is finished, the chicken and appetizers are done too!

the egg rolls are about done now! i flipped them halfway through the cook time so they can cook all the way. now i’m getting ready to put the other appetizers in.

i always joke that the rice makes air holes, haha!

ta-da!! everything’s ready! 🤩💖 i was so happy to serve my plate.

as for a little review of the new appetizers: i love the mini spring rolls, the simosas were really good, the money bags were ok, and the wontons? no can do 😂👎 at first i thought they were stuffed with moss lolol but now i think they were heavily seasoned potatoes. that were GREEN. ?? idk haha.

also about the sauce they included: the spicy mango and sweet and sour sauces were so good! i can’t give a good review of the sweet thai chili sauce since i don’t like that kind of sauce with chinese food.

i really enjoyed half of the new appetizers, so i consider that a win!! i’d get them again.

thanks for reading! i thought it would be epic to do a ‘cooking with maggie’ post, especially since i’m helping normalize making frozen meals hehe. cooking from scratch is fun too, but i do stuff like this most of the time!

i hope you enjoyed the post and maybe it could inspire you to share your favorite foods 🧡

let’s chat! have you tried general
tso chicken or veggie egg rolls?
what’s your favorite chinese dish?

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