snapshots from my week | cute stuffies, howard the snowman, and a visit to the library!

hello!! welcome back to my blog πŸ˜πŸ’™ i can’t wait to share this week’s snapshots with you!

snapshots from my week

i’ve had fun going to the gym with joshua recently! i like doing cardio and now i’m trying out strength training. (love how blurry my foot is in the picture haha!)

i had SO much fun taking samuel, elizabeth and izzy to the library! 🀩 we enjoyed reading books, chatting with the librarian, and getting chick-fil-a afterward.

i ‘helped’ (haha) build a campfire with samuel and our mom! some of the sticks were too big/wet, so we fanned the flames, moved the stickers around, added kindling… lol it was quite a challenge. we had fun trying to keep the fire alive!

i did a wee photoshoot with samuel, the girls, and a stuffed animal of their choosing! (samuel actually chose two but anyway haha)

so there’s minty (mine), super why (elizabeth’s), skye (izzy’s), and winky and fwinky (samuel’s)! i had fun taking this sky picture haha 😍

this one turned out amazing too!

LOOK we got a little bit of snow!! it’s the first time it snowed where i am in ga in three years 😍 samuel and i enjoyed playing around in it!

LOOOOOKKK just enough snow collected on our vehicles to build a snowman! it was samuel’s dream to build one for years, so i helped make that possible πŸ’– we named him howard!! then i made him a little son 😍 which i think i named richard haha

i took some pics of the sunset! πŸ’• i don’t get how it was multicolored like that… pink blue pink blue πŸ˜‚

aww this hoodie’s so cute!! unfortunately i had to return it because the stitching was done really poorly… but it was cute while it lasted!

i love taking selfies like this with samuel and the girls!

thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know about your week in the comments 😍

let’s chat!
which pic/s were your favorite?
what did you do last week?

21 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | cute stuffies, howard the snowman, and a visit to the library!”

  1. Btw. as someone who lives in a place with regular forest fires, that campfire was against regulation. But if it was wet out it would probably be fine lol. In New Brunswick we can sometimes smell forest fires for alot of the summer.

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    1. lol you’re the second person who’s mentioned that 🀣 all the surrounding leaves were wet, and we struggled to keep the fire alive the whole time we tended to it. man…

      Liked by 1 person

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