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more relatable blogging moments

hello!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles xx last friday i shared the first relatable blogging moments post! i have lots more to share, so get ready for part 2!

just like last time, you can comment your relatable blogging moments below, or send them through my contact page for me to include in the next post!

it’s crazy how strangely specific all of these are, yet many of us have experienced them… 😂 that just shows that wordpress has the same bugs and crazy moments across the board!

ALSO before i share this second part, i gotta share this relatable bit rayna commented:

When you’re trying to make a sentence bold or italic or something and WordPress decides to only make half of it bold. 😭

LIKEEEE 😭 it’s stuff like this that motivated me to start this series haha!

let’s check ’em out!

more relatable blogging moments

When you accidentally uploaded two of the same pic, so you delete the “extra” one, but it ends up being the one you used in a post so the graphic disappears 🥲

When you make a featured image template/style for yourself and MM it just feels amazing and artistic!

When you comment on someone’s blog, but then your comment bounces… and you know it just went to the world 🌎 of spam haha

When you find amazing post ideas on blog post idea lists, and you’re like oOOHh I’ll totally do those!! so you save the list but uh… don’t ever really reference it heh

When you forget to turn off email notifications and your inbox geTS SWAMPED AHHHHH (who needs an email for every single comment like?? tell me?)

When you don’t get the point of ‘Creating A New Menu’ because themes only support the Primary and Social sections, so 🤷😂

When a very real comment ends up in the spam folder 🤣

When the music you’re listening to starts to (positively or negatively) affect your writing haha

When you’re working on a post then you excitedly realize it could be a whole series!!

When you wanna add a block above or below a particular one but the PLUS sign won’t show UP

When you find a comment you forgot to respond to (or it never showed up for you) 😢 and by the time you’ve found it months later it would be way too weird lol

When you’re customizing your theme’s heading font and the font’s either too thick or too thin *le sigh*…

thanks so much for reading!! 😍

let’s chat!
which one/s did you
relate to the most?

28 thoughts on “more relatable blogging moments”

  1. I can realate with almost all of these.
    The where you wrote about forgetting to turn off email notifications and your mailbox gets crammed with emails of every comment, like or new post 😡 and the one where you want to add a new block and the plus sign won’t show up 😂 are the ones I experience most 😂

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