learn french with maggie! 🇫🇷 lesson #1: i’m excited + check out this guy’s music 😍


so basically this whole post is me talking excitedly about vianney’s music tihi

get ready 😎😂

welcome to ‘learn french with maggie‘! this is where i record my french-learning progress, chat excitedly about french with you, share recommendations, and more 😍 thanks for tuning in!

how CUTE is the tiny french flag in my doodle tho haha!

i’ve been wanting to learn french since i was like… 12.


i’m super stoked for this series because getting to share what i’m loving, wrestling with, thinking about, etc. with learning french will help me along in my studies!

btw i shared a podcast episode to go along with this post!

learn french with maggie!

week one

🇫🇷 the lessons:

  • i tried out duolingo for a couple days, but decided to go with memrise instead! i wasn’t a fan of how duolingo’s set up.. just my opinion. like being penalized and having to wait 30min for a new heart because they popped a quiz they hadn’t taught me yet and i didn’t know the info? that felt kinda iffy 😂 while memrise, on the other hand, has been an amazing language learning resource for me since 2017! i learned a bunch of spanish there over the last few years, and it was a great learning experience. it took me a minute to warm up to their french 1 course, but once i was ready, i was ready haha
  • i subscribed to memrise! i have full access to the premium lessons and member benefits, and i love how well-rounded it is. learning with locals & pronunciation review are my favorite aspects of it so far!
  • i changed my daily goal from 10 words to 15. i figured i’d ✨ amp up ✨ my french-learning game lol, but BOI it made each lesson session (that doesn’t sound right lol) longer! and more advanced for some reason? like they were trying to make sure i learned 15 phrases / words in one go instead of trusting i’d do multiple sessions! so i’m just trying to build trust with my language learning course 🤣👍
  • i’m taking a french grammar course by ‘the perfect french’ by dylane! i just bought it and it’s SO helpful! there’s a digital workbook, exercises, and video lessons. i may only be one lesson in, but it’s gonna make a WORLD 🌎 of difference in my studies haha!
  • i found a free french review game website! click here to check them out! so far i’m enjoying playing the numbers one (addition and subtraction in french?? MAI BRAIN 🧠💥😂), fruits and veggies, colors, basic phrases, and…! very soon, animals! (didn’t wanna move on too quick)

🇫🇷 movies, music, tv, and more!

  • VIANNEY VIANNEYYYY! i adore him haha, he’s so sweet and his music is soothing! even when he’s singing about solemn/totally negative topics, i feel like he just accepts it as part of life and is able to sing about it in a healing way. i love this man tihi
  • the unstoppables. this really doesn’t make sense to include in this post haha but it’s the only french movie i’ve watched and it’s ahMAYzing! i’m gonna watch it again now that I’m learning french! i won’t have to rely on the subtitles completely 😂 (the movie’s PG-13 btw)
  • caitlin shared french-learning tips! it was a fun informative video to watch right after i decided to learn french! actually… i think it was after her rec to listen to french music that i went on apple music and found vianney. so CREDS and HUGE thanks to caitlin!! 🤩❤️
  • leonie shared language learning tips! she’s learning dutch and i LOVED her idea to make artwork with lyrics from your favorite songs in the language you’re learning! so i’ll be doing that with vianney’s french songs… soon 😂
  • uh… recommendations? i don’t have any TV shows, literally one movie lol, and no youtubers yet. i need more french entertainmeeeeent!

let me know if you listen to any of vianney’s songs! i mention my favorites of his in my podcast episode (self-plug 😏😂) but i’ll share them again! they’re beau-papa, n’attendons pas, and on est bien comme ça. OH and i’m falling more and more in love with mode every time i listen to it lol!

so thank you for reading!! lmk which language you’re learning, ESPECIALLY IF ITS FRENCH 😍😍 we can be language learning buddies!

let’s chat! what language are you learning? wanna be study buddies? do you know any good songs in french? especially by vianney? ok i’ll stop haha

35 thoughts on “learn french with maggie! 🇫🇷 lesson #1: i’m excited + check out this guy’s music 😍”

  1. I am also learning French! One thing that I think would be fun is to watch a Disney movie in French. Especially if it’s one you’re super familiar with. Or also reading kids books in another language is good if you can access them. OOH thinking about French kids books…The Little Prince is AMAZING! Or, should I say, Le Petit Prince!

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  2. Ah I am learning in depth:Spanish and A little bit: German, Scottish Gaelic , French and Mandarin (A tiny bit, basically I just go to my schools free mandarin lessons). Scottish Gaelic because a fair amount of my mums family speak it and a lot of the signs and things like that are in Gaelic where my mums from. Also it’s a very small language so I thought it would be nice to learn a less main stream language too.

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    1. Wow nice!! I’d love to know a bit of Scottish Gaelic someday 😊 I’m not sure if there are resources available online to learn it, but it would be cool


  3. C’est poste est très magnifique et utile!!
    I too am learning French AND use Memrise. The culture and idioms are much better than Duolingo.
    I love to watch French Asterix and Adventures of Tintin. The original ones. Basically because they are French cartoons and get an insight on their daily lives.

    Je t’embrasse! ❤️

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