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reviewing: axolochi!

hey guys!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 it’s time to continue my app review series!! 🤩

today i’m reviewing axolochi! it’s an adorable pet game 😍💕 i can’t wait to show you!

*note: this post was supposed to go live at 7 am EST on january 18th, but i accidentally set the scheduled time to pm instead tihi so enjoy it an hour and a half later haha!*

also… that featured image is one of my TOP FAVORITES i’ve ever made!

reviewing: axolochi!


this game was made by the same creators who made clawbert! the character style is different, but the games are equally adorable 🤩 (you can read my review of clawbert here!)

as you can see, i took a couple days off from the game lol. so my little guy needs some love and attention!

first, i gave him pats. everyone loves pats 😍

then i fed him! this food looks like spring rolls, which i’d be excited to eat too! 😂👍

washing away all the yucky gunk!

i gotta show you this daily reward thing real quick. the turtle mascot is SO cute!!

the index reminds me of the setup in clawbert: nice and simple! (and the colors are so pretty 😍)

evolviiiiing! 🌟 that’s the ultimate goal of this game: evolve your axolochis and get new ones!

the loading screen 😍💙💙

AWW! they grow up so fast!

the axolog??! that’s such a cute name for it haha (and look at their little blob faces!)!

LOOK a purple one!! 💜

and a TEENY BB!! they’re my favorite part about the game!

when it comes to the long-term playability of this game, it’s virtually nonexistent lol. (wasn’t trying to make a pun 😂) you can only have one axolochi at a time, but i think it would be super cute to have a little baby family!

the axolochi evolution is the same, every single time. the only difference is the shade of their skin bahaha

so it’s a fun game to ✨ try ✨ but heavily repetitive after the fifth or sixth evolution 😂💕 needless to say, i enjoyed playing clawbert for longer!

thanks so much for reading! if you’d like, lmk which game or app you want me to review next, and i’ll talk to you again soon!

let’s chat! have you tried this game?
which games are you currently playing?


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