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how i write my blog posts: collab with flora @ flora’s week show!

hiya guys!! welcome back 😍 eee it’s my first collab of the year!

today i’m doing one with flora! she’s an amazing blogger friend, and i really enjoy her content. check out her blog here! we’ve also done a few other collabs: a productivity one and a favorite things photoshoot, and both were so fun!

a recent post of hers i really enjoyed was this one! she shared some great productivity tips 😄

we’re continuing our collab collection today by sharing how we write our blog posts! 💌💖

let’s get to it! 🤩👏

how i write my blog posts~

  • have an idea! // i’m gonna write a bonus post soon about how i brainstorm post ideas! because i have a lot of different places i look for inspo 😍
  • come up with the title // if i wait and work on the post first, i might not be able to think of a good title! so i figure that out first, which also helps me to know how i’m wanting to write the post.
  • begin working on the featured image // i love matching my blog graphics to the creative ideas i have! so i’ll take some time as i’m working on a post to pick the colors, fonts, and background image 🤩
  • write the intro // this helps to get me going with how i present the post and then write the main points!
  • add emojis 😂 // it’s really easy to do when i’m working on a draft from my phone, but my chromebook? not so much lol. i’ll click to bring up the emoji keyboard, wait multiple seconds for it to load, then pick one and it disappears. so you can imagine how long it takes if i’m trying to do two emojis at once, and around 15 emojis total in each post hah..
  • write the main points // the usually challenging part, but once i’ve identified the main points, then it’s fUN to work on the post! the main points are most often a list of words or phrases, then i elaborate and turn them into paragraphs or sections in the post.
  • work with formatting/add any links // yo have i mentioned how much i love formatting? 😂 (links, on the other hand, are no fun at all hah) i super enjoy working with headings, bold and italics, LISTS 👏, reusable blocks, and other customizable blocks!
  • add photos/graphics // depending on the type of post, i will already have the pictures ready (photoshoot), need to find them online (free stock photos for an article), or make graphics. it totally depends on where my inspiration for the post came from! i shared a bit more about this process in this post on LTBL!
  • jam out to music 🎵 // this is a delicate art 😌 haha because i can get super distracted by awesome jams! so i try to only listen to music during the final read-through, or possibly making graphics, etc. sometimes the music is too tempting… *glares cheerfully at vianney* haha!
  • finish featured image // i definitely have the featured image done by this point, but it’s not always this far down the list. for example, on this post right now, i’m writing the main points after the photos & featured image… 🤣
  • final read-through, add tags // not sure why i put these on the same line, but it’s all good! did you know a lot of times i’ll pull the final read through AFTER i’ve published the post?? i like life on the edge haha (btw speaking of tags… i gotta work on that)
  • schedule/publish! // WEE! the very fun part!!

thanks for reading!

how do you write your blog posts? i’d love to hear about it! if you share a post like this, link back to my post or flora’s post (or hey both!) so we can see it!

THANKS FOR READING! and thanks flora for doing this epic collab with me! 😍💕

let’s chat!
how do you write your posts?

14 thoughts on “how i write my blog posts: collab with flora @ flora’s week show!”

  1. Enjoyed this. As for me, I’m a pretty on-the-go girl, so I first think up of ideas, usually the ideas are what is thew hole of my post mostly, and the title just come’s to me naturally? I don’t work much on pictures now sadly because I’ve gotten quite boring and lazy I think, and the tags are what I struggle with but it’s necessary so yeah. However, I’m thinking of redesigning and formatting my blog soon. Anyways, enjoyed your post!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks!
      That’s cool! 😄 yeah some posts I don’t share as many pics as I’d like because I’m working on multiple things at once lol. Trying to save time, or do multiple things at once!
      Awesome! And thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also don’t like adding links – not at all😗.
    I can’t listen to music while typing my posts or even when I’m reading through my posts. I end up getting distracted and then I start singing along. Sometimes I somehow end up typing out the lyrics instead of the post😂😅.

    I write my posts in a similar way except that I write my posts down before typing them out and I add my tags and category(ies) before typing the post out.

    Liked by 2 people

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