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reviewing: clawbert!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! 💕 it’s been a loooong time since i reviewed a phone app, so i’m continuing that series today! 😍👍✨

i’m reviewing a free cute game called clawbert 😎💖😂 (because cute games are the best games obviously!)

this post isn’t sponsored… but BOY I WISH IT WAS 😍😍💖💖

reviewing: clawbert

clawbert is a virtual claw game where you help clawbert (the little claw with a pink happy face) find new friends! 😍💕 it’s the perfect objective imo!

when you first open the game, you meet… HyperBeard! who actually looks quite impertinent. 😂 (why does he look like he’d be strawberry-scented? haha!)

then you get to this screen!! you can look at their happy little faces while it loads, which doesn’t take long at all. once you’re ready, tap the screen to continue! and get ready for a world of cuteness to unfold 😎💕🍬

to play, you simply move clawbert around the machine with the joystick, then press ‘grab’ to grab an egg or some coins!

once you’ve grabbed an egg, it will tell you how long it will take to hatch! the first egg you ever get takes like… 10 seconds 🐣 lol, and mine take 20 minutes now. it’s addictively adorable 😍

you can send Clawbert on grab missions as often as you want! but there is a limit on how many eggs you’re trying to hatch at one time. 😂 you start the game with one slot available, and as you save ✨ gems ✨ you can unlock more! (btw some eggs hatch coins, not new toys)

i love the menu!! most menus are quite boring, but i could stare at this one for hours 😂

here’s a peek at the toys you can collect!! i’m going to do another post soon called ‘my favorite toys from clawbert’ because there are just so many of them 😍😍

you can put little hats on clawbert!! 😂 but i haven’t unlocked any i like yet…

how CUTE is this daily wheel!!! i WUV IT

AWWW they’re so happy!

my goodness, the notications this game sends me. haha

(and look diamond, 12 minutes ago 😏)

thanks for reading!! this game is SO cute and fun, and i’m having a blast collecting all the cute toys 😍

what games are you playing rn? 🎮
are you excited to read the 2nd part
of this post?

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