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2022 goals (in doodles!)

hi!! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 ya ready for my 2022 goals? 😍 doodle style!

i’m sharing this post exactly ONE YEAR after i shared my 2021 goals! which is super satisfying 😎✨😂

i hope you enjoy reading this post + taking inspiration for your own 2022 goals! it’s fun to make huge yearly goals, little daily ones, and medium-sized monthly goals. when you find ways to break your dreams down into attainable steps and make progress every day, it’s super exciting and encouragement to go on!

yay! here they are! this time i made it easier for myself to organize and explain what each doodle goal is, by adding numbers with a sharpie instead of adding them in on rookiecam lol. let’s check out what they all mean!

  1. read more books
  2. learn french! 🇫🇷
  3. make new friends!
  4. work on creative projects 🎨💕
  5. make progress with organization & decluttering
  6. record 52 podcast episodes! 🎧
  7. get stronger (mentally & physically)!
  8. have an active lifestyle
  9. play with samuel, elizabeth & izzy
  10. collaborate with more bloggers!
  11. get different big things done
  12. accept help + enjoy the learning process
  13. try new things!
  14. embrace contentment
  15. never give up! 💖
  16. accept how long things take + be more patient

ta-da!! some of the goals were carried over from last year, since they’re still amazing things to focus on 🤩 but the others are unique!

i love these goals! i’m already working on many of them, and making that positive progress is epic 💪💕

thanks so much for reading!! love you guys!

what are your 2022 goals?
what are you doing in january?
let’s chat!

20 thoughts on “2022 goals (in doodles!)”

  1. Your Doodles are so cute 🤩! I’ve learnt a little bit of french last year 🙂 and I haven’t made any goals for 2022 because I know I’ll forget them after 2 weeks 😂

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