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the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜

hey guys!! so i KIND OF LOVE CHAD (my fictional cowboy man!) and while going through my phone notes, i found the short story i wrote about him! i started a second short story a while back 🌝 and i just finished it today! i hope you enjoy reading it, he’s like one of my top favorite characters of all time 😂

in this story you meet curtis!! he and chad are friends (i was gonna say best friends or close friends, but dudes don’t really use that terminology so i’ll let them keep their manhood haha). he’s a great dude and i really like him already!

i feel like the more i write about chad, the more you get to know his character and backstory. and i REALLY LIKE WHERE IT’S GOING

without further ado-da, here’s the story!

the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜

“You can’t do this forever,” Curtis said, his appearance comical in the firelight. Hat cocked to one side, twisting his dinner around on a stick over the flames, his dog resting his muzzle on Curtis’s worn boots.

They were on the far side of town, over a hill beyond the main river, enjoying the night sky.

Flipping his carving knife between his thumb and pinky finger, Chad slid Curtis a smile. “Too bad I’m gonna go on like this anyway,” he chuckled.

Curtis studied his friend, the expression draped across his face admiration mingled with admonition. “I don’t know how you go on like this,” he admitted.

“It’s simple.” Chad used his molars to tear the meat apart. “You don’t give a ham.”

Curtis snorted, eliciting a woof from his dog. “C’mon!” His cheerful holler bounced around the landmasses surrounding them. “I gotta convince you, man!”

“Of what?” Chad’s glee sparkled brighter than the stars.

“To live. To keep on going.”

Chad draped his forearms across his thighs, leaning forward. “This,” he whispered, almost reverently as he surveyed the mountainside, “this is living. On the edge. Of what’s safe and what’s dangerous. Of what you can do… and what you can’t.”

Nodding, conveying understanding, Curtis shifted around and sat back some. “You wanna fall in love? I’m quite happy with Jenny. You can’t have her, or anything, but you should find your own Jenny. Like a woman with another name who makes you as happy as-“”

Chad’s grin grew wider and his laugh louder as Curtis rambled off and away. “Love, man,” Chad said once the excitement had gone down with the embers. “It just can’t do what adrenaline can. Can a woman be a pistol, or a horse, or a new hat?”

“Uh,” was Curtis’ intelligent reply. A laugh followed. “I don’t think so?”

Chad’s nod was final. “But a pistol, and a horse, and a new hat can. And respect. You can’t purchase it. You can’t kiss it. But it’s up there among the best things in the known world.”

The stars silently agreed, tucking themselves behind the clouds for the night. Curtis nodded off and Chad went to water his horse. He stood there, hand resting on his horse’s flank, mentally surveying his life. He found, to his dismay, a part of him wandering toward the things he and Curtis joked about. But his heart wasn’t joking. The longings were alive; they were there. But he’d rather trample them in the dust on horseback than have his heart wrung like that again.

Shaking his head of the notion, he turned in for the night.

~ ~ ~

(i’m posting this from my phone so pardon that teeny divider lol)



not trying to pat myself on the back 😂👏 i just love chad, he’s incredible!

thanks for reading! talk to you next time.

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